The 2013 Saints Declining Offense?


Well, that was ugly, just plain ugly. Words can't describe it. I pretty much had a suspicion the Saints would not win this game. The Seahawks outplayed, outcoached the Saints in all phases of the game with pure dominance. With all homerism set aside, there are no excuses here. I'm every bit as frustrated as all you guys are. Granted, the 12th man was there, the weather sucked, but there are still no excuses. The Saints last night looked like the 1-15 Aints from 1980. It was just flat out ugly. There only a total of "Two" good plays the whole game. Graham's TD and Jed Collins 12 yard run. I would have felt much different about this game if it would have been competitive. Such as a 34-31 or even a 34-24 loss. At least they would have given a fight.

This game was so bad it wasn't even competitive by any standards. We just flat out sucked! All phases of the game. We didn't get our butts kicked because of the weather, or the 12th man. Seattle is much better team than us,possibly the best team in the NFL who just might take it all this season. Stop with the damn excuses regarding the weather and the 12th man. It wasn't competitive by any means. A winless Tampa Bay team had a 21-0 lead in THEIR house and gave them a game, whereas the Saints weren't ever in this game.

Agree with me or not folks,the offense this season has not been as elite as in previous years. Yes, the defense looked like trash all night but there's a reason for that, the offense could manage any manageable 3rd downs early on and most of the game in general. Therefore, the defense got exhausted the entire game. Lance Moore has literally sucked this whole season. Has he yet had a touchdown? Marques Colston has literally lost a few steps and then some. Not the same this year probably due to age and previous injuries. Robert Meachem makes an explosive play ever few games or so. And I'm telling ya, the loss of Joe Morgan's injury for the season killed us.

Sad to say this, even our 2012 offense was better than this season. If you noticed quite a few games this season where the Saints offense would get the multiple 3 and out bug where they couldn't even convert on an easy 3rd and 3 or 3rd and manageable. See the trend here folks? I sure as hell do. The Dallas game seems like ages ago doesn't it? And The Miami game as well.

Another area I would like to cover. And please understand where I'm coming from. The offensive line has struggled this year no doubt. But it's not so bad where Brees can't make a play. Brees hasn't been the same this season as well. I'm not blaming it all on him, but yet I'm not giving him free passes either. He can certainly do better. We have more players out there on offense besides Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles, or do we?

The Saints could do 1 or 2 things preparing for the upcoming game Sunday night against a very good Panthers team. And yes, they are VERY GOOD! The Saints can either get their heads out of their rectums and kick major ass on Sunday night on all sides of the ball. Or they could face multiple manageable 3rd down conversions and go 3 and out all day as they have many times this season. What will it be? I guess we won't know until Sunday night. The Saints were built for scoring 35 plus points a game for many years, it's just not much there this season. The consistent big plays are just not there. Remember when they made it look easy scoring 35 plus points a game? Yeah, me too. And I miss it.

This pretty much sums it up after last night's butt whooping. Except for the fact it wasn't just the second half.

Dear Saints, get your act together fast!

Your thoughts on the 2013 Saints offense? Please share.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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