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Sep 20 2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

RW: Richardson's regular season ends with a 188-563-3 rushing line and 35 receptions. We believe a good start for T-Rich this offseason would be to shed pounds in an effort to rediscover his quick-twitch explosion. His tackle-breaking power remains evident and he looks fast in the open field with a head of steam, but his agility, short-area burst, and confidence are obviously lacking.

Dec 12 2013

Alex Swift

Kirk Cousins will blow the doors off the s***ty Falcons D (Dec 15)

Evan Silva: Kirk Cousins' stats through 2 career starts: 55-of-82 passing (67.1%) for 710 yards (8.66 YPA), 5 TDs, 3 INTs. #Cowboys # 32 Pass D next.

Supposed to be auditioning to be traded. Couldn't ask for a better stage with these defenses. And THIS is what he shows us? He was terrible in the Dallas game and worse against the Giants.

Apr 5 2013



2013 Saints D will/will not improve by 10% of yards allowed

Lenny Vangilder ‏@LennyVangilder

Saints end 2013 allowing 305.7 ypg. Gave up 440.1 in '12.

Is Rob Ryan a keeper or will we be disparaging him soon? Uh huh remember GDub.

Apr 28 2013

Ron Obvious

Saints drafted 3 quality players who will contribute if not start by the end of the year

Vaccaro, check. Jenkins has started and is contributing some. Armstead is now the starting LT.

And Stills led the NFL in the Devery Quotient (yards per catch). Not bad for a slot receiver.

May 14 2013



Khiry Robinson RB belongs on an NFL field

Does the sideline count?

He's good. Is he more than a situational player? Time will tell.

Apr 18 2013


Not wrong last year about baseball, football or basketball and 10-6 Saints lose to the Cowboys in the playoffs

Man, you're so not wrong that you're dead wrong. About everything.

This guy hasn't signed on since June. Good riddance to bad predictors.

Apr 20 2013


Saints sweep Atlanta AND division

Atlanta and Tampa. Split with Panters.

Chad should've reined it in after "Atlanta".

Apr 22 2013


jeff and Andy Reid think Alex Smith is the s***.

Well, he's in the playoffs. Few expected that. Let's see what happens.

Apr 22 2013


Ogletree and Te'o both fail to meet expectations. Te'o does comparatively worse.

Ogletree led the Rams in tackles. The 2 guys sitting behind me in St Louis really like him.

Ogletree failed to meet my expectation of getting arrested. He's better than I thought and I was wrong. Te'o has been hurt and when he plays he fails to impress.

Apr 24 2013


Thinks Ogletree is the s***, preferred over John Jenkins who will be there at pick #25

Ogletree graded out poorly in Pro Football Focus' 4-3 outside linebacker ratings.

Ogletree outplayed Jenkins this year but I don't know if Ogletree could ever play for PayLoo.

Apr 18 2013


Alec Ogletree will be widely considered a bust before the 2015 season.

That's almost surely not going to happen.

Good example of predicting in a hissy fit. I was wrong.

Apr 24 2013

Jason Bernos

Alex Okafor is going to be one hell of a pro

Who the F is Alex Okafor??

He played in 1 game this year. I don't have time for this crap.

Apr 26 2013


LT Lane Johnson is a 2x+ pro bowl talent

He had a better second half of the season.

jeff, keep us posted on this.

Apr 26 2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

Reid has the edge for 2013, but KennyV's value to the Saints is significant.

Apr 25 2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

Good example of predicting in a hissy fit. You are wrong.

Apr 28 2013

Ajun Cajun

Can't see Brees making it through the season with current LT's on the roster

Since you're "done", you're not going to read this, Ajun. Probably wouldn't have read it anyway and know this, it is what it is.

Brees is still pretty good with that quick release. Tough has hell too. He should be ok behind Armstead going forward.

Oct 26 2013


Jimmy Graham will not be given WR money under the franchise tag.

Jimmy is a different duck. Could come to an agreement prior to being tagged.

Apr 29 2013


Vaccaro will have 2+ interceptions in 2013

Only 1 in 14 games.

But he coulda had 2 or 3 in the last 2 games if he hadn't gotten hurt, right? Right?

Apr 29 2013


Vaccaro will force as many or more turnovers as Jenkins and Harper did combined last year. (3 picks, no forced fumbles)

1 pick, 1 forced fumble.

But he coulda had.... Uh he sure is a hustler and a hitter, isn't he?

Apr 29 2013

Cajun in CA

Vaccaro 3+ interceptions, 2+ forced fumbles

Yeah, no

Everybody loves KennyV except canu2u. What's WRONG with you, man?

May 8 2013

Drama 504

Thinks Jarvis Jones will be a perennial double digit sack OLB and Pro Bowler for years to come.

More like MeloDrama 504

Kinda sucks and he's a Steeler so who cares?

Jun 23 2013


Ben Watson is a game changer. With Graham, best tight end tandem in the game today

Ben had a few moments this year but is anyone ready to call him a game changer?

Tandem? They act like divorced brothers-in-law. Don't the Patriots have 2 tight ends??

Jul 13 2013

Brian Gagnon

Expects Ben Watson to make some big plays. Ranked #22 Saint

Big plays? Name one.

I don't think he ran any reverses like Josh Hill, did he? OK, bad example.

Jul 16 2013


Steven Jackson is gassed, plays less than 10 games this year

Played in 12, looked gassed in a lot of them.

RW: The Falcons signed Jackson to give their running game a boost Michael Turner no longer could. But far too often, S-Jax looked like Turner. With no lateral jukes or burst left, Jackson is left to just try to overpower defenders in the hole. Expecting a bounce-back 2014 season at age 31 will be wishful thinking.

Aug 19 2013


Cadet is gassed

Man, how can you tell?

Time for a change, I think.

Jun 23 2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

He's a real franchise QB who needs a head coach who will use him effectively

Jul 29 2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

You keep saying this. He's still here. It's Shanahan and maybe his dumb kid who that clock keeps tic tocking for.

Jun 28 2013


Reggie Bush will have a better 2013 season than Chris Ivory

Click on the link, lulz

Padding my stats

Jul 2 2013

Dan Kelly

Brees will throw 34+ TD's in 2013

39, 3rd best year in his career

Dan's padding his stats

Jul 2 2013

Brian Gagnon

Bets that M Jenkins, Harper and W Smith all get the boot after 2013

Not Jenkins. He's got 1 more year on his contract.

Aug 1 2013

Legatron Morstead

Saints won't win the division

Good call

Should have made you say who would win it

Aug 13 2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

If you'd used the words "steep decline", they'd have burned a birthmark scar on your front lawn.

Dec 17 2013


Strief gone next year, too expensive as a free agent. DLP too.

DLP maybe. Strief's giant ass is here for the duration, restructuring be damned.

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