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Sep 20 2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

RW: Now demoted to the Colts' second-string tailback, Trent Richardson admits he never got comfortable in Indy's running scheme and never fully grasped the offense. T-Rich's tackle-breaking ability and open-field burst are still there, but he has been running without confidence and seemingly without instincts ever since arriving in Indianapolis. We're still believers in Richardson over the long haul and value him in dynasty.

Apr 5 2013


Thinks we overpaid for Keenan Lewis

3/14/2013: Signed a five-year, $25.5 million contract. The deal contains $10.5 million guaranteed, including a $6 million signing bonus.

I'm calling it. Considering Lewis and the rest of the defensive roster, he's the best player in the secondary in pass protection, plus he can tackle.

Apr 5 2013



2013 Saints D will/will not improve by 10% of yards allowed

I detect improvement and greater than 10% so far.

Apr 28 2013

Ron Obvious

Saints drafted 3 quality players who will contribute if not start by the end of the year

Vaccaro, absolutely.

Armstead, not so much.

JJenkins is at least contributing. Stills might be the best WR on the team.

May 14 2013



Khiry Robinson RB belongs on an NFL field

Currently 4th string although many think he should have Ingram's job. Maybe he would if Payton had drafted him.

Apr 17 2013


Tyrann Mathieu will be a viable NFL player, 2nd string at worst.

Tyrann Mathieu is now officially listed as the Cardinals starting free safety, starting 10 of 12 games.

Rotoworld calls him "an impressive playmaker". Still peeing clean too, apparently.

Apr 18 2013


Not wrong last year about baseball, football or basketball and 10-6 Saints lose to the Cowboys in the playoffs

Cowboys are in 1st place. After that Seahawks game, this might be one to keep an eye on.

Apr 18 2013

clowns on the NFL network

Saints lose to ATL (1st wk) then win in week 12

It really wasn't that close in either game, was it?

They had Steven Jackson in both games and still couldn't win.

Apr 20 2013


Saints sweep Atlanta AND division

Atlanta, boom. @Tampa, boom. 3 more to go. Not a cakewalk.

Apr 22 2013


jeff and Andy Reid think Alex Smith is the s***.

More like s*** the bed lately but no question, he has exceeded expectations

Apr 22 2013


Ogletree and Te'o both fail to meet expectations. Te'o does comparatively worse.

Ogletree has had a couple of good games and several bad ones. Te'o is not impressing anybody.

Apr 24 2013


Thinks Ogletree is the s***, preferred over John Jenkins who will be there at pick #25

Anybody really think that linebackers are the weakest part of the defense?

Apr 18 2013


Alec Ogletree will be widely considered a bust before the 2015 season.

Well, he hasn't been arrested yet, so he's got that going for him.

Apr 24 2013

Jason Bernos

Alex Okafor is going to be one hell of a pro

This is starting to stink like Martez Wilson.

Apr 26 2013


LT Lane Johnson is a 2x+ pro bowl talent

Kinda up and down. How long are we going to have to wait for this to trend?

Apr 26 2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

KennyV is having a better second half of the season.

Apr 25 2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

In 3 years? A 3rd rounder? Because he is exposed as a cross dresser and Mickey can't stand for that?

Apr 28 2013

Ajun Cajun

Can't see Brees making it through the season with current LT's on the roster

Payton's not even having to deny that he's hurt yet.

Oct 26 2013


Jimmy Graham will not be given WR money under the franchise tag.

I sure miss Dragon Ninja warrior. This was one of his more sane wrong predictions.

Apr 29 2013


Vaccaro will have 2+ interceptions in 2013

Stuck on 1. NCMFr on a team of NCMRrs.

Apr 29 2013


Vaccaro will force as many or more turnovers as Jenkins and Harper did combined last year. (3 picks, no forced fumbles)

1 pick, 1 forced fumble. C'mon Kenny, you can DO it!

Apr 29 2013

Cajun in CA

Vaccaro 3+ interceptions, 2+ forced fumbles

Holy crap let's not pressure the kid TOO much.

May 17 2013

Dragon Ninja warrior

Thinks Vaccaro doesn't have any coverage skills

Not ANY skills? You mean he's Roman Harper's little brother or something?

PFF has graded him with 3 good, above average games in pass coverage so far. 2 below average or bad.

May 22 2013


Falcons win the division again this year.

Well, I know it sort of looked like it might happen but... Hey, aren't you a Saints fan???

Betting against the "No one wins the NFC South 2 years in a row" thing? You lose.

May 8 2013

Drama 504

Thinks Jarvis Jones will be a perennial double digit sack OLB and Pro Bowler for years to come.

He had 1 good game this year. What's that smell?? Rhymes with Marmez Bilson ...

May 24 2013


Roman Harper has one of his best seasons ever

Satch, you're a positive thinker without being a homer and I admire that.

It's over, man. The kid took his job.

Jun 23 2013


Ben Watson is a game changer. With Graham, best tight end tandem in the game today

The old man has played better than I thought he would. But Josh Hill has a better chance of pulling this off.

Jul 13 2013

Brian Gagnon

Expects Ben Watson to make some big plays. Ranked #22 Saint

Hey, Brian! Tell me real quick: What year is it?? Cause it sure isn't 2010 when he was killing it in Cleveland.

Aug 8 2013


Expects 500 to 600 receiving yards from Ben Watson this year

161 yards in 11 games.

Oh, the concussion!!! Well you have to allow for injuries. Hey kamakaziBoy, what year is it??

Jun 24 2013

Jul 9 2013

Dragon Ninja warrior


Doesn't think Arian Foster is gassed.

Tried to tough it out, 542 yards in 8 games. On IR, just had a microscopic lumbar discectomy.

That surgery had nothing to do with the fact that they've run him into the ground with too many carries.

Jul 16 2013


Steven Jackson is gassed, plays less than 10 games this year

Hans, he has played in 8 games this year. But he's still kinda gassed.

Aug 19 2013


Cadet is gassed

Do we need to define what "gassed" means? Cadet doesn't even shower after some games.

Jun 23 2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

He is still recovering from a serious knee injury, wearing a brace while playing. But I don't know if we can call him overrated at this point.

Jun 28 2013

Jul 6 2013



Thinks Kirk Cousins could put RG3 on the bench in 2013

You guys thought this because you were both in a gaseous state.

The only way Cousins gets in the game is if Griffin gets hurt.

Jul 29 2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

A common theme from MSfan. Look for a better 2014 from RGIII.

Jun 28 2013


Reggie Bush will have a better 2013 season than Chris Ivory

Reggie is killing it in Detroit. TUSK!!! is backing up Bilal Powell. Yeah I don't know how to pronounce that either.

Jul 2 2013

Dan Kelly

Brees will throw 34+ TD's in 2013

29 in 12 games. Why are you on the list here, Dan?

Jul 2 2013

Brian Gagnon

Bets that M Jenkins, Harper and W Smith all get the boot after 2013

Malcolm Jenkins is a free agent in 2014, this could get interesting. The other 2 are ghosts.

Jul 7 2013

Travis Dauro

Steelers go 14-2

Travis, you must be a real Le'Veon Bell fan.

They're 5-7 and I hear Big Ben's roster spot is not guaranteed. Word to the wise for the 2014 predictions.

Aug 1 2013

J. R. Ella

6-10. The Bengals

12-4. The Steelers

6-10. the Chiefs.

7-9 Redskins

12-4 49rs

7-9 Cardinals

I only cared about the Chiefs and the Steelers. That's what caught my eye. And the Bengals. Maybe I was wrong about the Redskins, but you and Travis... WTF??

You used a dart board, didn't ya?

Jul 8 2013

Fat Punk Kicker

Colts win no more than 7 games

Well, they're 8 and 4. But they might not do much better than that.

You know, because of that damned Alabama running back. He ruined everything.

Jul 15 2013

Jul 17 2013

Tee Word


Russell Wilson is the truth

No s***.

The kid is kicking ass with a crappy receiving corps and no name tight ends. It's as depressing as the Pacific Northwest climate.

Jul 16 2013

Dragon Ninja warrior

Quinton Patton will probably end up being the 2nd best producer at receiver to Anquon Boldin.

Oh stop it, he's caught 1 pass so far.

Maybe next year he can be 2nd. After Crabtree.

Jul 17 2013

Brian Gagnon

Charles Brown will start an admirable 10 to 12 games

He's started all 13.

But I don't know how admirable it is. Who else is going to do it?

Jul 30 2013

The Irish Assassin

Thinks Marques Colston is better than Tavon Austin

Colston's in decline 596 rec yds, 2 TD's Austin is a rookie with 409 and 4 TD's plus his kick and punt return work

I don't know how this got on here anyway. One is worn out and the other has his whole life ahead of him.

Jul 30 2013

Dragon Ninja warrior

Thinks Stedman Bailey is better than Tavon Austin

Bailey has 5 pass receptions. Apparently he is a late bloomer.

If moderators delete curse words, why won't they delete stupid, baseless opinions?

Jul 31 2013

Cory Gunkel

Saalim Hakim will develop, don't you worry

Ok I admit it, I'm starting to worry.

Unless you're talking about his career in sales at Verizon. I hear he's really moving those iPhone 5's.

Aug 1 2013

J. R. Ella


Anquan Boldin is gonna do a hell of a job for them!

I'm so sick of trying to remember how to spell this guy's name

He has taken up the slack in Crabtree's absence. He's been playing well, better than I expected for sure.

Aug 1 2013

Legatron Morstead

Saints won't win the division

You didn't know the Panters would make a run at it. Now I have to leave this on one more time.

Aug 13 2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

Because they can't afford him or because he'll start to stink like a burning roux? You're making me speculate here...

Aug 17 2013

Brian Gagnon

Thinks Martez Wilson approaching double digit sacks is not unrealistic

Brian Gagnon, Brian Gagnon...

He's already had double digit opportunities. Let's try to end this with some dignity.

Oct 23 2013


Martez Wilson will be a Falcon by the end of the week

Not even by the end of the year.

As I said, let's just move on to the next ill considered declaration.

Oct 16 2013


Greer is not that bad, won't have 6 bad (graded red) 2013 games

He only had 2 out of 10 before his injury.

Jesus1000 does that mean he's coming back next year? GAAAA!!!!

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