Fleur-de-Links: Saints News 2/1/13

Christian Petersen

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Roger S. Goodell gives his annual "State of the Dictatorship" address. Jokes that he "feels welcome" in New Orleans.



Well, what did you expect this douchebag to say? "I apologize?" "I regret how poorly and dishonestly we handled this?" Yeah, right

Roger Goodell says he feels welcome in New Orleans for Super Bowl 2013 | NOLA.com
"You know, you look back at it, my picture is in every restaurant, I had a float in a Mardi Gras parade, we got a voodoo doll," Goodell said. "I'm serious. People here have been incredible. The last couple nights when I've been out with a lot of the people that I worked very closely with following the Katrina tragedy, and we celebrated the work that we did then. But what we did is, we all reflected on how great that was that we worked together and they couldn't be nicer, and they couldn't be more welcoming. And it's the same story with the fans. "And I understand the fans' loyalty is to the team. They had no part in this. They were completely innocent in this. So I appreciate the passion. I saw that for myself when I was down here during Katrina. And it's clear that's what they're all about. So I support the fact that they are passionate."

Roger Goodell, New Orleans Saints will have to agree to disagree in lingering bounty debate | NOLA.com
Goodell's firm stance on his bounty findings weren't surprising. But it's still a shame that he has never once shown a willingness to concede that his extreme punishments and portrayal of the Saints' actions didn't match with the players' actual actions on the field.

Goodell stands by Saints’ penalties | ProFootballTalk
Goodell also said at his press conference that he stands by everything he did — disciplining the Saints, their coaches and their players — for the bounty program. Goodell is not a popular man in New Orleans this week, but he’s not backing down from the decisions that made him unpopular.

Goodell: I feel welcome here | wwltv.com New Orleans
"I couldn’t feel more welcome here," Goodell said jokingly. "When you look back at my picture, as you point out, it’s in every restaurant. I had a float in a Mardi Gras parade. You’ve got a voodoo doll."

Roger Goodell says suspensions will get through to repeat offenders | ProFootballTalk
Although Ravens safety Ed Reed won an appeal after he was initially suspended for a hit to the head, Goodell said he still wants to see players suspended if they don’t get the message when they’re fined and penalized for helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless opponents.

Goodell said things NFLPA asking for were news to him | ProFootballTalk
In case you wonder why the NFL and NFLPA have a hard time making progress on several issues, the answer might be as simple as a failure to communicate.

NFLPA could challenge Commissioner Roger Goodell's power - NFL.com
"The irony of us having a Super Bowl in New Orleans, after what we went through on the league's investigation isn't lost on anyone on our side of the table," he said. "So when it comes to issues of HGH, when it comes to issues of fines, we never engage in isolated issues of collective bargaining. There are a number of big issues out there for us to talk about, and we'll continue to talk about them."


Does Roger Goodell own a residence in Florence, NJ?

Adolf Hitler's Toilet, Florence, New Jersey
Hitler's dreams of world conquest were thwarted; his toilet was his only throne. Who knows how many of the Fuhrer's half-baked schemes were hatched on his hopper? Yet this priceless artifact is not displayed behind velvet ropes in some big city toilet museum. It is instead still on the job, flushing strong and steady, in the quiet Delaware River town of Florence, New Jersey.


Who dat talkin' 'bout dem Saints?

Super Bowl in N.O. means state owes Saints $5 million | wwltv.com New Orleans
The New Orleans Saints are getting a $5 million payment from the state because the Big Easy is hosting the Super Bowl.

NFL salaries by team and position – interactive | Sport | guardian.co.uk
The National Football League has a salary cap, an upper limit on what teams can spend on their players, of $120.6m. But where the teams choose to spend that money is entirely up to them. Some, like Tampa Bay, overload their offense, while others invest heavily in defense. These figures are based on individual 'cap hit' numbers which include base salary and bonuses for the 2012-13 season.

Fangio sees Saints 'Dome Patrol' stars in 49ers LB corps
"The ‘Dome Patrol’ was great,’’ Fangio said. "In their time, they were definitely the best linebacking group in the NFL, and, to this point, are probably still the best. ...


Super Bowl XLVII

New Orleans Saints offered legislators, state officials chance to buy Super Bowl 2013 tickets at face value | NOLA.com
When Super Bowl 2013 kicks off Sunday, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and an unknown number of legislators will be in the crowd watching, courtesy of tickets purchased from the New Orleans Saints. The team offered tickets to a range of state government officials, but has not said exactly who accepted the offer. The public officials were charged the face value of the tickets, which range from $850 to $1,250. Tickets on secondary markets were going for at least $1,227 on Friday.

Laces Out – NFL on FOX Blog
Statistics would tell you that the game is changing and offense is taking over. The Ravens and the 49ers would tell you that we’re still watching the same old NFL, and defense still wins championships.

Kenner woman Wendy Kahn 'back on the chain gang' for Super Bowl role
"This is very special to me,'' Kahn said Wednesday. "I love being on the chain gang and part of the Saints crew. I feel like the Saints were pioneers in all this because they were the first NFL team to do it. You don't see many women involved in the NFL like this.''

At Super Bowl XLVII, torch prepares to change hands from Ray Lewis to Patrick Willis | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
No matter the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII, Patrick Willis is poised to become the next, best example of how to play middle linebacker in the NFL.

Super Bowl rings through the years: Interactive graphic | NOLA.com
BLING IT: A look at the 46 Super Bowl championship rings

Ed Reed rips media, says he’s unlikely to land in New England | ProFootballTalk
"The bad part about this is that you all ask the question, but don’t write down everything that someone says," Reed told reporters on Thursday. "People only get a part of what the comment was. I don’t have to say much about that. My heart is in Baltimore. The question is, ‘Would I play for Bill Belicheck?’ Yes. What football player wouldn’t play for Coach Belicheck? Will I be in New England? Most likely not. It’s just terrible that people get half of the story."

Ravens Happy To Be Back On Grass
After several players told Ravens officials Wednesday night they'd prefer to practice on grass, the Ravens early Thursday morning asked the league if it could be worked out that they practice at the Saints' facility. This was potentially awkward, because the 49ers practiced at the same facility, and obviously neither team wanted the other to be able to see their practice sessions.

Ravens, 49ers share practice field at Saints facility | ProFootballTalk
The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers shared the same practice at the same time Thursday at the New Orleans Saints practice facility. According to John Clayton of ESPN.



Arthur Blank denies he was approached by anyone from L.A. | ProFootballTalk
"We’re committed to Atlanta, the city, the region and the state,’’ Blank said. "We’re making progress on our deal working with the [Georgia World] Congress Center, the Mayor’s office, the Governor’s office, the community and doing all the things we need to do to get the deal done with the city of Atlanta.’’

As Filmmaking Surges, New Orleans Becoming Serious Challenger To L.A. - Forbes
In 2011, we examined migration patterns of the college-educated and found, to our surprise, that New Orleans was the country’s leading brain magnet. New Orleans was growing its educated base, on a per capita basis, at a far faster rate than much-ballyhooed, self-celebrated places like New York or San Francisco. In fact, its most intense competition was coming from other Southern cities such as Raleigh, Austin and Nashville, the last two of which also share a strong, and unique, regional culture.

Report: Arian Foster likely to undergo heart surgery | ProFootballTalk
Foster has apparently experienced issues with his heart dating back to when he was 12 years old but the episode against the Vikings was the first time he’d experienced it in a game.

Texans doctors don’t think Foster needs heart procedure | ProFootballTalk
On Thursday, Alex Flanagan of the NFL Network reported that Texans running back Arian Foster was likely to undergo a heart procedure after being forced out of a game during the regular season because of an irregular heartbeat.



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