Free Agent Prospects

I am extremely bored with the lack of Saints news. I'm not sure yet how I feel about Rob Ryan.Players say they love him, so let us hope I can too.

We need some upgrades this offseason, but don't have much cash. I composed a list of players I think the Saints should at least LOOK at.

1. Ed Reed (Safety)- I know you're all thinking the same thing "PLEASE." I'm not sure if the Saints could get hold of Ed, but we have to be the choice out of the 32 teams not named the Ravens. We need a Sharper 2.0 to duplicate the ballhawking 09 defense. He's a free safety which means we would have to part ways with Jenkins or slide him to SS, and cut Harper. I don't need to say anything else.

2. Jairus Byrd (Safety)- He's the next best Safety behind Reed in the FA pool. He is another ball hawk, something we lack. He is a decent tackler, and could come at a decent price due to obscurity in Buffalo. We have a good history of taking free agent DBs from Buffalo.. See Jabari Greer.

3. Tracy Porter (Cornerback)- I guess the Saints felt comfortable with PRob, and didn't re-sign Porter last year. I don't like 10 yard cushions. Sure Porter's gotten burned a few times, but he is better tackler than PRob. I really don't see this out of the realm of possibility.

4. Mike Jenkins (Cornerback)- A former Dallas player? Groan. He's worth bringing in if Payton and Ryan think he has talent. He is a fast cover corner with interception ability. The unfortunate side is his proneness to injury.

5. Scott Shanle (Linebacker) I'M KIDDING! Anthony Spencer- This one is very likely. Rob Ryan had very good things to say about him in Dallas. His numbers speak for itself. He has excelled under Ryan's 3-4, and his sack total has gone up the past three seasons. I like this move and think he fits in well opposite Martez Wilson.

6. Manny Lawson (Linebacker)- We haven't had much luck with old Bengal linebackers (Brian Simmons, Dhani Jones) but Lawson is still in his twenties and very athletic. I don't think he will command a whole lot of money. He hasn't had the same speed since he tore his ACL in San Fran. He is still a very good player, and a sure strong tackler. I would be giddy if we got him.

7. Casey Hampton (Tackle)- On the wrong side of 30, and on a team filled with defensive monsters, Hampton may not be re-signed by the Steelers. He has consistantly been a good Nose Tackle for them the last ten years. I think he should at least get a shot, and hope it doesn't end up like Aubrayo Franklin.

8. Cliff Avril (Defensive End)- Oh boy wouldn't this be sweet. He will probably want a pretty big wad of cash, but at the same time wants to get away from that toxic waste of a city and team in Michigan. I'm not sure if he'd play DE or OLB, but has the size for either. If we got him along with a few other guys on the list, our defense would be instantly better. It would be either Avril or Spencer, no way we get both.. Unless Loomis goes on a bingle like last year with the linebackers. Let me know what you think of my ideas and if they suck or not.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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