Fleur-de-Links: Saints News 2/14/13

Chris Graythen

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Saints Re-Sign S Rafael Bush, TE Michael Higgins and G Eric Olsen



Who dat talkin' 'bout dem Saints?

Saints Re-Sign S Rafael Bush, TE Michael Higgins and G Eric Olsen
The New Orleans Saints announced today that they have re-signed S Rafael Bush, TE Michael Higgins and G Eric Olsen. All three players are exclusive rights free agents. The announcement was made by Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis.

New Orleans Saints conducting interviews for running backs coach, source says | NOLA.com
Payton interviewed former Kansas State Coach Ron Price for the job on Wednesday, while interviews with Michigan State offensive coordinator Dan Roushar and longtime NFL assistant coach Maurice Carthon will occur by the end of the week, a source said.

Saints Nation Podcast: Rob Ryan is Drinking a Hand Grenade and Coaching the Defense | February | 2013 Articles

Why Joe Flacco Doesn't Deserve to be Top Paid QB in NFL
So let’s begin the argument by comparing him with the 1st player I named, Drew Brees. Not only has Drew Brees won Super Bowl MVP himself back in Super Bowl 44, but he’s also set, then broke his own passing records, passed for over 5,000 yards 3 times in his career, won NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and has led the Saints to being one of the top offenses in the entire NFL. Has Joe Flacco ever come close to accomplishing half of those performences? I think not.

NFL Rumors: New Orleans Saints Could Release Another Player
Ellis was a top 10 draft pick back in 2008 when the Saints took him with the seventh-overall pick. However, Ellis never lived up to his potential and with his rookie contract expired he most certainly will not be back with the Saints. With the Saints switching to a 3-4 defensive alignment Ellis does not seem to fit what the Saints want to do on defense.

Saints could be shifting RB coach Bret Ingalls to offensive line | ProFootballTalk
Former Jacksonville Jaguars assistant Ron Prince interviewed for the job on Wednesday while Michigan State offensive coordinator Dan Roushar and former Kansas City Chiefs assistant head coach Maurice Carthon are also expected to interview this week.


Other NFL news

Draft Trends: Lighter linebackers continue to set the pace | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
...with the NFL's increasing reliance on spread formations -- not just spread concepts, but actually widening a defense by lining up outside the numbers on both sides -- defenses are changing their games by using linebackers that, 10 years ago, may have been seen as safety prospects.

From Senior Bowl to scouting combine, the drills change, and the intensity picks up | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

The football season may be over, but this is the busiest time of the year for trainer Travelle Gaines and his staff at the Athletic Gaines gym in West Hollywood. Now that the Senior Bowl and other all-star games have come and gone, the next part of the schedule has to do with next week's scouting combine, and the Pro Days that follow.

Vikings give Norseman logo a facelift

The Vikings have updated their Norseman logo – but not all that much.

Teams should be able to trade cap space | ProFootballTalk

When spending every waking moment writing or reading or talking or thinking about football, certain ideas will naturally pop out of the brain. Most will be bad. A few could be good.

Goodell: 'I'd Definitely Let My Son Ruin Football' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

"If my son wanted to make a series of catastrophic rule changes that destroy everything people enjoy about football, there’s no question: Yes, I would let him do that," said Goodell, who argued that the value of defiling an American tradition far outweighs the risk of public backlash. "I myself have been ruining football for almost seven years, and nothing in my life has been more rewarding. I certainly would want my son to have the same opportunity to mangle and dilute the game that I did." Goodell added that, unfortunately, his two children are both girls, which means neither can ever be NFL commissioner.

It’s not too late for a coaching change in Dallas | ProFootballTalk
Last month, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that coach Jason Garrett would no longer call the offensive plays. Or so we thought. On Wednesday, Garrett made it clear that nothing is clear, and that Garrett may still call the plays.

Trainer expects Darrelle Revis to be good to go in April | ProFootballTalk
A personal trainer who has worked with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis throughout his career says Revis is on pace to be ready to get back to work in April, seven months after he suffered a torn ACL.

Quarterback mobility takes on greater focus at Scouting Combine | ProFootballTalk
Whether it's a fad or a trend or a new reality of the NFL, mobile quarterbacks have generated unprecedented interest for scouts and General Managers and coaches.

Clowney lawsuit likely would fail | ProFootballTalk
At the root of the question of whether the interests of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would best be served by sitting out the 2013 college football season is a rule that prevents him from entering the draft before 2014.

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