Mid to Late Round Prospects The Saints Have to Consider

Fourth Round: Cornelius Washington DE/OLB, Georgia - 6'4" 265

One of the first things that strikes you about Washington is his size. He's the perfect fit for Outside Linebacker in a 3-4. Watching the tape on the guy what strikes you even more is his hard hitting style of play. He'll be a bit raw for the LB position and his technique needs a little refining but that's to be expected in a 4th round pick. However, considering the Saints may have more pressing needs than OLB and the top picks will be off the board before pick 15, this becomes a very high possibility. They may also try to draft Jamie Collins in the 3rd but that's no guarantee either after Collins' amazing combine performance.

David Quessenberry Tackle, San Jose State - 6'5" 302

This pick is also an extremely high possibility if Tackle isn't addressed with the first two picks. Considering Terron Armstead has been thrown into 2nd round talks and we don't have a pick there it's looking more and more like the 4th round will be our first shot at taking a Tackle. They won't take a tackle in the 3rd round not named Armstead. It would be too much of a reach. Most people won't be familiar with Quessenberry until he hits the NFL but he is a more than adequate blocker. He's one of the names that Mike Mayock couldn't stop raving about at the Senior Bowl. Remember this name.

Fifth Round: Corey Fuller WR Virginia Tech - 6'2" 204

Fuller is a bit raw for a receiver but is extremely athletic and fast. Considering Devery Henderson may not re-sign with the team and our receivers are constantly banged up we have to add depth here. If Colston goes down we must have someone sure-handed that can step up into his role. Fuller could be that guy. In 2012 he had 43 catches for 815 yards and six touchdowns.

AJ Klein ILB, Iowa State - 6'1" 250

110, 101, 117. That's the tackles this prospect has amassed over the past three seasons. Scouts say he plays with instincts and a high rev motor but questioned how athletic he was. Well, at the combine he put out a 4.66 40 and hushed some of those critics. If the Saints need anything right now, it's guys that can tackle. If he can be had in the 5th round, then all the better.

Sixth Round: Patrick Lonergan C, LSU - 6'3" 304

If there's one thing that seems to get overlooked about our roster it's the fact we don't have a back up Center. I'm not sure if anyone else on the team has ever played Center and we have to add depth there. Lonergan is an effecient back up that would provide security at a very important position.

Josh Boyd NT, MS. State - 6'3" 310

Lord help us if we miss out on Brandon Williams in the 3rd round. He seems to be a favorite of fans around the league. Every team in the NFL seems to have their eyes on Williams, so it's not out of the question that he ends up being taken in the 2nd round by a team that has built up picks. Don't sweat it. I repeat, DON'T sweat it. Akeim Hicks if asked to do so, will perform at a high level at the Nose Tackle position. However, just for fans sake and to add a little competition, Josh Boyd would fill in nicely there. Personally, I think Hicks would beat out Williams or Boyd for the position if it comes down to that but at least Boyd and Bunkley will provide depth at the spot.

Feel free to add your late round steal in the comments section below.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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