Saints News 3/20/13: NFL Owners' Rule Changes Too Little Too Late Ahead of Concussion Litigation

Brendan Smialowski

The new helmet contact rule will do little to help the NFL convince the public to forget how owners ignored and suppressed concussion evidence until recent lawsuits forced them to take notice. Concussion litigation, new rules focused on player safety, destroying the Saints' 2012 season over an exaggerated pay-for-performance system - it's all related.



NFL Rule Changes (because owners want you to think they actually give a f*** about player safety)

Jerry Rice likens helmet rule to "powder puff football" | ProFootballTalk
The man who was recently voted the greatest player in NFL history is not on board with the NFL's latest attempt to make the game safer. Jerry Rice, who was named in an NFL Network poll as the top player ever to play the game, said on NFL Live that he has a serious problem with the owners' decisio...

NFL wants coaches to not complain about new helmet-use rule | ProFootballTalk
It’s not uncommon for the NFL to direct its coaches to be discreet. On plenty of topics, the First Amendment rights crafted by the founding fathers get flung overboard once the coach applies his John Hancock to a seven-figure contract.

Mike Brown voted against helmet rule because it’s hard to officiate | ProFootballTalk
“It’s a very controversial change,” Brown told reporters on Tuesday, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I view it as difficult if not impossible play to call. We had a lot of this with the secondary plays last year. I didn’t think those calls were always right. These plays happen in a flash. They’re just a reaction to people: Did he hit him with his shoulder pad? Did he hit him with his helmet? Was it intended? That’s difficult to sort out. I’m not confident we should add another discretionary call. We’re asking an awful lot of our referees to make those kind of calls.”

NFL owners approve rule barring runners from using crown of helmet to make contact |
Several coaches and team executives expressed concern about officiating the new rule, but Commissioner Roger Goodell championed it and it passed Wednesday as the owners meetings concluded.

NFL's new helmet contact rule takes aim at offensive players - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Of all the rules changes approved this week at the NFL owners meeting, none is more controversial than one now barring players from forcibly initiating contact with the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box.

New helmet-use rule is more narrow, limited than believed | ProFootballTalk
So it’s not as bad as some think, and anyone who still doesn’t like it has plenty of time to work through the various stages of grief and arrive at acceptance before the Cowboys and Dolphins suit up in early August for the Hall of Fame game.

NFL passes rules changes, eliminates controversial tuck rule - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
NFL team owners voted Wednesday to pass a new rule that will prohibit offensive players from initiating contact with defensive players with the crown of their helmets outside of the tackle box. NFL passes rules changes, eliminates controversial tuck rule

The Tuck Rule is no more | ProFootballTalk
It's much too late for the Raiders, but the Tuck Rule has been wiped out. The NFL owners voted Wednesday to wipe out the Tuck Rule at their meetings in Phoenix.

Jeff Fisher calls helmet rule "a huge victory for the NFL" | ProFootballTalk
Rams coach Jeff Fisher is a member of the NFL Competition Committee and has been the most vocal proponent of the new rule that bans runners from leading with the crown of their helmets outside the tackle box, and he was elated when the rule passed today.

NFL passes Jim Schwartz rule | ProFootballTalk
NFL coaches who wrongly throw a challenge flag for a replay review that was going to be conducted automatically will no longer cost their team the opportunity to have the play reviewed.

Mike Mayock thinks the NFL has crossed a line with the helmet rule | ProFootballTalk
"I’m not a fan of this rule at all. I think it crosses a line. We all love safety, but at some point, football’s got to be football," Mayock said. "If a running back can’t drop his pad level, I don’t think it’s football anymore."


Story about concussion preventing helmets Goodell & owners don't want you to read

Helmets Preventing Concussion Seen Quashed by NFL-Riddell - Bloomberg
With a device called ProCap, Bert Straus says he invented headgear that could reduce concussions in National Football League games. He never got the chance.


Sean Payton Speaks and more Saints news

Sean Payton losing sleep over LT situation - NFC South Blog - ESPN
A second-round pick in 2010, Brown never has lived up to his hype. That largely has been due to a series of injuries. Brown is recovering from a knee injury that brought a premature end to his 2012 season.

Recent history gives indicators of likely Saints draft plans in 2013
What will Sean Payton do? If you look at his past, you may get a very good read on the Saints head coach's future selections.


NFL Free Agency & Draft

Bears bring in Turk McBride | ProFootballTalk
With the Saints switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4, there's been much discussion about which of their players fit the new scheme. One of them won't have to worry about it.



NFL announces 2014 Pro Bowl will be played in Hawaii - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday morning that the Pro Bowl will be returning to Hawaii in 2014. It also will be played the week before Super Bowl XLVIII. NFL announces 2014 Pro Bowl will be played in Hawaii

Pro Bowl survives another year | ProFootballTalk
The NFL has made it official: The Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday, January 26, 2014 in Hawaii. Whether the Pro Bowl would live to see another year was until today up in the air, but Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed at the end of the league meeting that the NFL is going forward with the Pro...

Saints Hall of Fame Auction and Celebrity Golf Classic set
The 3rd annual Saints Hall of Fame Auction/Reception and the 22nd Annual Saints Hall of Fame Celebrity Golf Classic are set for 2013.



New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton: 'Excited to be back'' - NFL Videos
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton discusses his return, plans for the draft and his team's 2013 outlook.

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