Saints News 4/10/13: Has Sean Payton Recently Sought Read-Option Advice From Nick Saban?

Streeter Lecka

The Alabama head coach said today in an interview, “Several NFL coaches have come to visit this year to say, ‘How do you stop these guys?’ Because they’re not accustomed to seeing that." Sean Payton has talked several times about finding ways to combat the read-option offense since his return and cited this as a reason for the Saints's dramatic switch to a 3-4 defense this year. I have to believe he or maybe Rob Ryan are one of those NFL coaches Saban refers to.



NFL Coaches Looking For Answers Against Read-Option

Nick Saban: NFL coaches are asking for read-option advice | ProFootballTalk
"That’s a pass-rush oriented league," Saban said. "People getting up the field to pass rush is what it’s all about because of the type of quarterbacks — the Tom Bradys of the world, Drew Brees, that’s what you’ve got to stop. You’ve got to put pressure on the quarterback. Well, that’s just what you don’t want to do against [read-option quarterbacks]. You have to play on the line of scrimmage just like old option football."


Who dat talkin' 'bout dem Saints?

Could Saints jump up for left tackle? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints have a glaring need at left tackle after the departure of Jermon Bushrod in free agency. Johnson would be a great fit, but the potential stumbling block in this scenario is that it’s likely he won’t be available when the Saints pick at No. 15.

Would you consider the New Orleans Saints a winner or loser in free agency? |
Saints question of the day

Top New Orleans Saints salary cap figures for 2014 season |
The latest look at the New Orleans Saints' salary cap situation for 2014 paints a troubling future. The Saints, as of now, would enter the next league year with $139 million in committed money, according to ESPN.

Jimmy Graham: New Orleans Saints TE Playing for Big Money
Jimmy Graham is going into the final year of his deal with the New Orleans Saints. What kind of new deal should he expect?

Roman Harper's draft day memory - NFL Videos
New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper talks about getting the call from the Saints, and how he hid it from his mom before officially finding out he was drafted.


Today in DUH! news (Really, Mike? They need to draft a playmaker? Really? Do you put any thought into your analysis or do you just state the obvious?)

Mike Mayock on the New Orleans Saints: 'They need to draft a playmaker' - NFL Videos
Mike Mayock discusses which prospects the New Orleans Saints should target with the 15th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.


NFL Concussion Lawsuits

US judge in Philadelphia weighs NFL concussion lawsuits - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Brody, of Philadelphia, heard arguments Tuesday on whether lawsuits that accuse the NFL of glorifying violence and hiding known concussion risks belong in court or in arbitration.

Ex-players call NFL brain-injury panel a 'sham' - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
A lawyer for the former players argued that the NFL ''glorified'' violence and profited from damaging hits to the head.



PFT’s All-Unemployed Team | ProFootballTalk
Defensive tackle: Sedrick Ellis, Richard Seymour.

Bucs not hiding their interest in trading for, paying Revis | ProFootballTalk
Sure, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano at one point refused to mention the name of cornerback Darrelle Revis, for fear of crossing the league's ever-amorphous tampering line. Other than that, the Bucs haven't been bashful about their interest in one of the top defensive talents in the game.

Richard Sherman: Half the NFL takes Adderall | ProFootballTalk
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who successfully appealed a four-game suspension last year after testing positive for Adderall, says the prescription drug is so commonly used among NFL players that the NFL ought to just accept it and take Adderall off the banned list.

Report: Rolando McClain nearing deal with Ravens | ProFootballTalk
The Bengals flirted with making a bid for linebacker Rolando McClain, but it looks like one of their divisional rivals will be the ones to give McClain his second chance at NFL success.

Steven Jackson: I’m here to go out on top | ProFootballTalk
When running back Steven Jackson signed with the Falcons last month, it wasn't hard to find people speculating about his motivations. They gave him a three-year deal, but it wasn't the length of the commitment that most people pointed to as the reason for Jackson's move to the Falcons.

The Mother Hips and Jon Roniger to Perform at Wednesday at the Square
Free concert starts at 5 pm CT

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