What's with all of the "draft a QB" talk lately?



Tom Brady and Marc Bulger (ironically by the Saints) were drafted in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. One is a future hall of famer, the other was a good starter for a few years as Kurt Warner's replacement in St. Louis.

It's safe to say that the Saints will not go QB with the 1st, 3rd, or 4th round picks. I wouldn't be happy if they went QB with a 5th round pick, but just for the sake of this post, here's a list of the best QBs drafted in the 5th round or later since 2000:

2001: A.J. Feeley, 5th round

2002: J.T. O'Sullivan?, 6th round

2003: Brooks Bollinger?, 6th round

2004: Craig Krenzel?, 5th round. John Navarre?, 7th round.

2005: Derek Anderson, 6th round. Matt Cassel, 7th round. Ryan Fitzpatrick, 7th round.

2006: Bruce Gradkowski, 6th round.

2007: Tyler Thigpen?, 7th round

2008: Matt Flynn, 7th round

2009: Curtis Painter?, 6th round

2010: John Skelton, 5th round.

2011: T.J. Yates, 5th round

2012: Ryan Lindley?, 6th round



Way to go Adrian. Former Saints 5th round pick.

With exception of one year (2005), the 5th round or later picks have not produced any NFL starting QBs or eventual replacements to the starter. As of today, Anderson, Cassel, and Fitzpatrick are no longer starters and are no longer on the rosters where they had the most success. Actually, of all the players mentioned, only Yates (and maybe Lindley) remain with the team that drafted him. Anyone see either one of these 2 guys starting anywhere anytime soon?

Luke McCown is terrible. I get that. But if Drew Brees goes down, aren't we screwed anyways? I don't have much faith in Canfield (7th round pick by the way), but isn't it possible for the Saints to find another UDFA to compete for the #2 job for this season? (That's where Chase Daniel came from) Is it ridiculous to say in what is a fairly weak QB draft anyways that a similar talent to what could be available in the 5th or 6th rounds will go undrafted?

We're going into a season with no sure thing at LT, attempting to fix a horrible defense with a new scheme, and with only 2 WRs on the probable 53 roster with more than 10 NFL receptions. Drafting a QB to back up a guy who hasn't missed a game due to injury since becoming a Saint in 2006 seems a bit silly to me. Considering we only have 5 picks, why look to draft a QB of all things?

The Saints could use those precious 5 picks to improve the OL. While we wonder if Brown and Strief will be our starters this season (and some of us even frown on that possibility), BOTH of them will be free agents after this season. Brian de la Puente will also be a free agent. Picking 2 offensive linemen could actually be a possibility. If we hit the jackpot with both, that could do wonders for the cap in years ahead.

Obviously, any depth to the defense would be appreciated. Lots of question marks all over the place, specifically when it comes to the future of the secondary and the uncertainty of the DL play (outside of Jordan).

I think WR is a spot where we could even use a pick, in any round. While I like Morgan, he is no sure thing in playing that #3 WR role. I'm not ready to give up on Toon either, but taking another WR at some point is more of a PYA move in case he never becomes what he could've potentially been.

Actually, the 3 positions that I do not want to see come draft day is QB, RB, and P. Everything else could be a decent add. Why think of "grooming a QB" when that rarely happens with lower round picks anyway?

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