Updated Accountability Index

I started doing this back in 2010 because I was enraged by big talkers making claims and predictions and they never had to answer for them. Like "Oh he'll be a starter by October" or "He'll score 10 TD's this year, guaranteed".

No one ever kept track, and when he only scored 3 TD's after playing in all 16 games, no one ever came back and pointed that out to the big talker. So I appointed myself to do it.

And I also made my own rules: I only keep track of what interests or annoys me. If it's important to you, YOU keep track of it, I'm not your secretary. Although I will consider suggestions. And if you can bait someone into saying something stupid and reckless, even better. Bonus points if you can get ME to do it.

Also, the first one of these was titled "Grudge List" but Hans thought that was too negative and confrontational. He suggested "Accountability Index" and I thank him for that, he's absolutely right. Although we still refer to it informally as the list. Or The List, if I'm feeling particularly self-important. Don't worry, I usually include a poll at the end which gives you the opportunity to insult me. It's great fun!!

Since I was...uh... redshirted in 2012, we have some 2011 business to wrap up before we move on to the new stuff. Boom let's go...






Dec 7 2011

Dan Kelly

PRob WILL NOT CUT IT as our permanent #2 CB.

Tracy Who? Looks like it's the Johnny Patrick Show covering the slot, no threat to Patrick Robinson at corner.

As of now.

(meaning late 2011)

Well that didn't turn out like I thought. PRob is a pretty good nickel back though, right? Right? And Johnny Patrick is now with the SD Chargers. And Meachem. That's a crappy team.

Dec 7 2011

Dan Kelly

If we let Porter go and PRob is our #2 CB next season, we will not win 10 games.

Dan is confusing PRob with Jason David. (2007= 7-9, 2008= 8-8)

2012 = 7-9 with the worst D in the league, worst in NFL history by some measures. Dan blames 89% of that on PRob.

Nov 3 2011


Peyton Manning will not play another down in the NFL.

That neck! Did you see the scar?

I didn't know if he'd even be able to turn his head. I was wrong. Happy?

Nov 3 2011


Peyton will play again.

In 2012 and probably in 2013 and beyond.

Satch was also right about Malcolm Jenkins starting but he doesn't brag about that anymore.

Nov 10 2011


Manning will be on a new team next year and will pull a Joe Montana (take his new squad to the playoffs).

Okay on part 1, but part 2 is going to take until Jan 2013.

Tay is right about a lot of things including both parts here. This was from 2011, people.

Dec 16 2011


If Brees goes the rest of the year with no injury, he will become the highest paid QB in the NFL this off season.

Franchise tag won't get him there, but he hasn't signed yet, so tommy might yet possibly pull off another one.

(this was no sure thing in late 2011)

Good call, tommy. Brees was the highest paid QB for a while in 2012. That's why there is no cap money to spare. HA! Just kidding. Sort of...

Dec 16 2011


Dree Brees will NOT become the highest paid QB in the NFL

They tend to be a bit fickle in Baton Rouge.

Brees was a bargain from 2006-2011. Some of that new contract was payback money.

Mar 17 2013


Premature to cut Greer

It wouldn't make any financial sense to release Greer, his $3.6 million salary is guaranteed this year, and he already received a $400,000 roster bonus. But what's $4M if you get to dump an old problem?

Mar 15 2013


Kruger will be paid more than Dumervil

Kruger= 5 yrs $40.5M

Dumervil= 5 yrs $35M

Good one, aburton. You're not one of these guys who is always right, are you?

Mar 21 2013


DT Brandon Williams will go by the 12th pick in the SECOND round.

That would be 44th overall. has him ranked 91st. Just sayin'.

Mar 21 2013

Jason Bernos

DT Brandon Williams might sneak into the back end of the second

That would be before the 64th overall. More to the point, who is Jason Bernos? He joined in Feb, welcome!

Apr 2 2013


Mickey will draft Alec Ogletree

I don't mean to judge, but russty seems to drink a lot while commenting.

Apr 2 2013



The Patriots select John Jenkins with their first round pick

russty doesn't like to drink alone.

Apr 5 2013


Thinks we overpaid for Keenan Lewis

5 yr, $26 M with $11 M guaranteed. DanK thinks that's a bargain to get PRob out of the starting lineup.

Apr 5 2013



2013 Saints D will/will not improve by 10% of yards allowed

May have to amend this if PayLoo take a WR in the first round.

Apr 8 2013



Kenny Vaccaro will be drafted in the 1st round, not 2nd or 3rd per

I don't know why I don't like this kid. Hook ‘em. Oh yeah...

Apr 8 2013


2 safeties go in the first round

This stems from my assertion to oTman that nobody drafts a safety in the top 10. He's trying to rub it in.

Apr 8 2013


Vaccaro won't last past the 21st pick

This is me being contrary. I'm probably going to be wrong. But if I'm right, aburton will bow down to me. For sure.

Apr 12 2013


Devery Henderson will be on the roster in September

Joseph Morgan is younger and cheaper and faster. Does Devery's experience make the difference? Maybe camp will tell.

Apr 12 2013


DT John Jenkins goes in the first round ranked him at 43. Did I say "SEC!! SEC!!"? Yes I did.

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