Saints Mock Draft

Alright Who Dats, after visiting this site many, many times over the past year or more, here's my very first post - my personal selections for the Saints in the 2013 NFL Draft. Feel free to blast away !

My selections for the Saints in 2013 NFL Draft

1a. Jarvis Jones, OLB , Georgia1b. Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU1c. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
Comments: Whatever you do Mickey and Sean, DO NOT use your first pick on Tavon Austion. I beg of you - please - turn away from this urge ! Okay, with that out of the way, let's focus on what is really, really important for the Saints draft in 2013: DEFENSE

If Jarvis Jones is sitting here, unbelievably, at the #15 selection.....well, let's just say that Who Dat Nation should be ecstatic. Immediate impact player that can get all over the field and wreak havoc. Injection of youth and power for the LB corps, and helps to put more pressure on opposition QB's.

Although both OLB's come back for New Orleans (Wilson and Gallette) and Butler was added in free agency, the Saints can seriously improve the situation at OLB with Jones in the mix.

Mingo, likewise, helps with increasing the pressure up front, but he may be off the board by the time this pick rolls around. Kenny Vaccaro represents a solid, safe pick that can pay immediate dividends in the back-half of the defense.
The only way the Saints do not go with one of these three is if, by some very strange quirk, Lane Johnson floats down to #15.

3a. Reid Fragel, LOT, Ohio State

3b. D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina

3c. Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall


Going with Fragel isn't as much of a reach as it appeared to be only a week or so ago. He's moved up on quite a few draft boards, and provides the Saints with an opportunity to provide stiff competition at the LOT position with Charles Brown and, potentially, Marcel Jones.

Swearinger would represent a top need crossing paths with a top talent at the same position, but I'm probably one of the few that think he's not quite a top talent. He whiffs, lays off or comes in high on far too many hits. Especially in run support. You can't go for the "kill shot" in the NFL like he did in college. If coaches can work with him on that, then I think he'll be fine. Right now, too much of a "loose cannon" for my tastes.

If New Orleans wants to utilize a pick on a wideout, there are not many who will have the type of sure hands that Dobson has at the position. He has unbelievable vertical elevation, runs pretty crisp routes (but can always get more proficient) and can make impossible catches look pedestrian. Watched him in person vs Purdue last Fall, and the kid lived up to the hype. His problem will be getting separation vs tall, long and speedy corners.

4a. Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech 4b. Ty Powell, OLB, Harding4c. Montori Hughes, DT, Tennessee-Martin

The book on Marcus Davis is that he doesn't block well and has suspect hands. That's not good. However solid, he ran a 10-yard split of 1.63, hands are over 10" and arm length over 33" he has the advantage with almost any DB he faces in terms of a jump ball. If a vet like Marcus Colston can help show him the ropes, what a steal this young man would turn out to be for the Saints.

Ty Powell is a rather obscure name to many, but has been rising on draft boards the past few weeks. From tiny Harding, Powell played multiple positions (DE,S and LB) and is a hard hitter. He's quick and had a 37" vertical measurement at combine. Colts LB coach Jeff FitzGerald worked him out at his pro day. Keep your eye on this name - he might end up sneaking into the late 3rd round.

The Saints still need some interior help on the DLine, and Hughes could help out a great deal in this respect. Lining him up in a rotational NT role would be a distinct possibility.

6a. Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

6b. Emmett Cleary, LOT, Boston College

6c. Gilbert Pena, DT, Mississippi


Commings is a 6-foot CB that wa once drafted for MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks as an outfielder. Very tough, physical corner that will add excellent depth to secondary. Will need significant improvement on his footwork, but has excellent agility and would be terrific on special teams.

If the LOT position hasn't been addressed to this point, I think the war room has to seriously consider scooping up a guy like Cleary. He will, at the very least, push Charles Brown for the LOT starting spot and provide quality depth. And with the injury history of Marcel Jones, it might be a serious need to have Reid Fragel (assuming he was the selection earlier) and Cleary.

Pena might be one of the most mature and grounded of the entire draft class. After high school, he put college on hold to care for his Mom, who had thyroid cancer. Four years after working for a living and taking care of his Mom, he resumed his football career playing as a Brooklyn JUCO player, then going to Mississippi.

Pena will never be a super-star HOF'er, but rather a consistent player that could add value inside the lockerroom as well as solid depth on the field. Nothing wrong with that distinction at all.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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