Perfecting a Perfect Draft: Day 3

Ladies and gentlemen, I love what I have seen in the first 2 days of our draft in 2013. I have a biased opinion, because so far, Payloo has taken every single player that I wanted in the draft spots that they occupied.

While I was all about Kenny Vaccaro, I would've also been happy with Floyd or Jones. But the Vaccaro pick was my #1 preference. When your pass defense (hell the whole defense) absolutely sucks the year prior, drafting a marquee player in the secondary regardless of position is a positive. When that player is a play maker at safety and happens to be the near undisputed top rated safety in the draft, you go and get him. Our TWO (not one, two) safeties were rated among the worst safeties in the NFL. Let's face it, no matter what your feelings are about Harper and Jenkins, they are not cutting it. This is a win for us now, and even more so for the future. Hopefully the addition of Vaccaro and the starting spots that will be on the line will bring Jenkins' and or Harper's game up a notch. Much more intimidating competing with the best safety in the draft vs. undrafted Isa Abdul-Qaddus, who honestly has shown flashes himself. Payton is not scared to play whoever he feels is best suited for the position, so Vaccaro in my opinion will be on the field as a starter day one.

The second round was painful to watch, because guys that would've made great Saint additions were flying off the board. But round 3 came.

The networks kept showing Terron Armstead and John Jenkins as 2 of the best players available at that point. And pick after pick, they remain. Our pick comes up, and I told my friend that I want either one of those 2 guys. The Saints pick Armstead, I'm pumped about the pick, then "NO" pops up on the bottom line, we had another pick coming 3rd round in the draft order....What could we have traded to get that pick?

We were watching NFL Network. They said nothing about what picks we lost in the trade, but we had our pick in. John Jenkins. Man, I was thrilled, but still wondered, did we trade the rest of our draft to move up? Did we lose 2 of our remaining 3 picks? Or worse, did we trade a 2014 pick?

That's when the Ivory trade was announced for a 4th round pick. Awesome. I figured we lost 2-3 original picks but still had a 4th. I was good with that.

But then I find out it was our 2 fourths for their 3rd. To lock up arguably the best NT that we had a shot at in this draft.

So we swapped a 4th string RB and a 4th round pick for a potential starter at NT in our new 3-4 defense. That is a fantastic trade. We now have 2 remaining picks in a draft that we had 5 picks anyway, yet seemed to have acquired the best safety in the draft and 2 guys that were graded as 2nd round talent.

So on Saturday, who could be great fits for the Saints to pick in the 5th and 6th rounds?

1) Yes, another OT. The combination of Jason Smith, Zack Strief, and Charles Brown doesn't exactly get anyone excited. All of them are UFAs after this season. Drafting another OT now may give us a shot to develop one or both of the picks for a season and could allow us to potentially be set at the traditionally expensive position of tackle at a cheap rate for years to come. I feel that 9 linemen were drafted in round one because of this. You don't have to pay potentially good young linemen 6-8 mil a year coming out of college. It's worth a shot when you're cash strapped. Reid Fragel and Jordan Mills could be available in the 5th round. I would be fine with either pick.

2) DE/OLB. There are some nice names left on the board, but I feel like they will be gone before we pick 5th round. David Bass out of Missouri Western State seems like a guy that the Saints could reach on. 6'4", 262 lbs, kind of a tweener prospect. Sounds like a Saints kind of guy. Devin Taylor at 6'7", 266 has ran a 4.65 in the 40 and could be a nice wildcard to take a chance on. I think he'll be gone before we pick, but the 4 year SEC starter could fall between the cracks, just like so many other players have in this draft. I also like Quanterus Smith out of Western Kentucky as a potential 6th rounder. I wouldn't mind seeing Ty Powell, another small school guy getting a shot. Overall, since the Saints nailed the first 3 picks, I'd take a chance on any of the above.

3) WR. Dave believes that Devery will be on the roster come opening day. It's hard for me to disagree with that logic. What has Morgan or Toon proved? Being the #3 WR in this offense is important, for the sake of depth more than 3 WR sets. This draft has some lower round guys that can be some true finds, like Kenny Stills out of Oklahoma or Cobi Hamilton out of Arkansas. Stills is a 4.3 type of guy that has personality issues, but if coached well could have the tools to contribute early if Morgan or Toon fail to catch on. Cobi Hamilton passed the eye test as a watcher of SEC football. From what I've seen, he seems like a possible value pick if he falls to the 6th round.

4) CB. Wait, you can't think that it is possible that we don't draft a possible CB in a draft huh? I look at guys like Adrian Bushell out of Louisville, Johnny Adams out of Michigan State, and possibly even Tharold Simon as potential 5th-6th round picks. The Saints still need another CB so I wouldn't be disappointed to add one of these guys as a project. Remember, guys like Alfonzo Dennard in New England got starts last year as a 7th round pick. I wanted Dennard when we took Tiller in the 6th.

Hopefully, the Saints perfect the perfect draft tomorrow. Very happy so far, can't say it enough. (Please don't pick a QB. There are a ton of them available. Your backup "project, developmental" QB will be available as a UDFA).

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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