Saints First Pick Selection and Defense Breakdown

To be completely honest I am not buying the hype of the Saints going for Mingo, Jones or really any outside pass rusher. To me our biggest concern should be the back side of our defense. EVERYONE is so fast to hate on the 7 million dollar man we have a Strong Safety, and I can see the Saints going that way.

Yes I am suggesting Kenny Vaccaro or Jon Cyprien with our 15th selection, especially if we can trade back a few spots and pick up a 2nd or 3rd rounder in doing so.

Position Breakdown:

DE- Akiem Hicks, Cam Jordan, Kenyon Coleman, Will Smith, Tom Johnson - DE is where I see the switch to a 3-4 having the biggest impact. Cam Jordan can go back to his more natural 3-4 DE position that he played so well in college. Akiem Hicks will be trying it out, but with his behemoth size he should be able to hold the edge. Having Coleman on the roster WILL help out this young group as he knows RR's D and will also contribute with his run stopping ability. Honestly, I see Will Smith being a liability in this defense.

NT- Brodrick Bunkley, Akiem Hicks - RELAX about Bunkley (6'2" 306 lb) being undersized PLEASE. He played NT in Denver and had better stats at that position than with us last year. Also RR's NT in Dallas was Jay Ratliff (6'4" 304 lb) and Sean Lissemore (6'3" 303 lb), Bunkley's size is not to be worried about, in fact he's technically bigger by mass-height. We should look for depth here in a later round, perhaps something like how we found Hicks.

OLB- Victor Butler, Junior Galette, Martez Wilson, Braylon Broughton, (Vilma? Smith? Harper?)- We currently have 4 unproven players with extreme upside in Butler, Galette, Wilson and Broughton. We should NOT bring in another unproven player because of this. IMO Galette is going to thrive as the pass-rush specialist and Butler will prove to be a great signing. Don't forget the team has said it wants Smith out there! Vilma and maybe Harper could come in when we need coverage, as the previously named players haven't been tested in pass coverage.

MLB- Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne, Jon Vilma, Ramon Humber, Will Herring, Chris Chamberlin, (Tez?)- Curtis Lofton was our best defensive player last year and I expect him to anchor D for years. Hawthorne and Vilma will see time probably swapping with each other. HOWEVER, don't forget that we got Vilma from the Jets because he did not perform in the 3-4.

CB- Kennan Lewis, Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson, Elbert Mack (I expect him back), Corey White- I am much more confident in this group than many spectators and fans are right now. It's extremely hard to cover NFL wide receivers and it gets harder when your defense can't pressure the QB, which I have confidence in RR's 3-4 to do exactly that. Keenan Lewis is a great signing and PR is not as bad as everyone thinks because of the defense, he will be a solid nickel possibly also subbing with Greer to keep their legs fresh. Mack would be excellent to bring back!

S- Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper, Isa Abdul-Quddus, Rafael Bush, Jim Leonard- Honestly out weakest position on defense and it's not close (argue with me all you want you're wrong). We were content with Bush and Abdul-Quddus (great back-ups not starters), because our current starters have not performed. Although I also believe it's because of our recent lack of a pass-rush, I'm not with Roman Harper being back there again. I believe bringing in a top draft talent to play at either FS or SS would be HUGE. If he's a FS, we could move Jenkins to SS.

I see the Saints selecting a Safety with our 15th pick, or trading down to pick up additional picks and one of the top safeties. Mingo is a project and just a pure pass-rush guy, Jarvis Jones would be better than him. ESPECIALLY, if all everyone wants is a guy to step in and contribute NOW. A guy that can contribute now is Kenny Vaccaro, Jon Cyprien and even Matt Elam (for everyone that wants an LSU guy). This draft has a lot of OLB talent that will be around in the later rounds. I'd honestly rather see us go Alec Ogletree than outside, which would give us 2 awesome inside backers for years to come.

For all who want an OT, STOP IT! Our team is easily the best at finding OLine help late in drafts ala Jahari Evans and Carl Nicks. I trust them to find the next guy in the middle rounds, or possibly giving Marcel Jones/ Charles Brown a chance (they both can't get hurt right?) and keeping Bryant McKinnie's agent's number real close.

I see us going:

1st-Safety 3rd-OT/NT 4th-NT/OT 5th-LB 6th-DB 7th-QB

THOUGHTS? (disagreements and arguments are open because I'm confident in this belief)

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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