Tim Tebow as a football player for the only

Hello all,

I wanted to address this issue fully in detail because the hype of this topic always gets in the way of the substance. I'm talking about the one and only Tim Tebow. Yes, he's religious, yes, he's polarizing, however, once you get past all of that, he's an effective football player. Allow me to explain.

Tim Tebow was drafted in the 1st round in 2010 because a creative offensive mind, Josh McDaniels, saw a weapon in his size, strength, and leadership at the QB position. As we've seen in the short period of time that he's played, he's been able to lead his team to game winning drives, while proving that the status quo of QB 101 is not his skill set. That means he's not a conventional drop back, read defenses and throw tight spirals type of QB. Coach McDaniels saw the fire in Tebow and it reminded him of the first 6 games of his head coaching career, which we're undefeated, by the way.

Which brings me to the misunderstood, cast off football player that is Tim Tebow. Notice I didn't say QB. That's because Tebow measures in at 6-3, 240 lbs and 4.5 speed. There is another football player who is a former college QB who is a solid performer in the NFL. That would be Seattle's fullback Michael Robinson, who was a QB at Penn State. Robinson stands at 6-1, weighs 240 and helps to lead a top 5 rushing attack with the infamous Marshawn Lynch (for the record, I hate this guy as a Saints fan). To me, this is the position that Tebow plays. If you want to call him a QB and if he wants to be called a QB, that's fine. If we was willing to accept his role with the Jets as a Wildcat runner, he'll run the plays as called and do what he's told. Otherwise, this discussion is pointless.

He's not just a QB. I keep telling everyone on several blogs that if he's in the shotgun next to Drew Brees, no one on defense will be ready for what's next. We're already dangerous enough, so one more "gimmick" keeps other teams one step behind. I don't know about you, but as a Saints fan, I would rather be innovative and creative on offense than passive and complacent with the talent that we have. I wish I had the opportunity to tell Coach Payton that I won't think any less of him if he has a gimmick. You know the only trick play that I ever see from him is some kind of reverse, and that used to bet botched a few times each season when Reggie Bush was the recipient of the pitch?

When the ball is snapped with Tebow in the shotgun backfield as a FB, it could go directly to him for a draw on 3rd and short, or he can run an option play with Sproles or Ingram, all the while Drew runs a play fake and sucks the defense in. He can also make short screen throws to Lance Moore and Joe Morgan. And of course, he can do nothing, pick up a blitzing defender and let Drew do his thing.

I'll way it once and I'll say it until it happens. The team that does what I'm saying to do with Tebow will make all of the other teams kick themselves. I'm sure Dan Reeves and Jim Mora, Jr are sick about not using Vick in Atlanta the way that Kaepernick and RG3 are being used in the option game.
Also, keep in mind that I'm talking about 5-10 plays per game, not every shotgun formation. Darren Sproles with his option routes and Pierre Thomas fit what we do now in the shotgun, and they're very effective as prior history will show.

Just to recap, Tebow would add 1) a power draw, 2) trick plays because he can throw, 3) a sprint option with a slot receiver or 2nd RB, or 4) just to run traditional plays with him as a protector. Now, with this skill set, in my mind he's more effective than our current FB, Jed Collins, who is a capable blocker and receiver, but not a runner, as he averages 1.0 yards/carry and has a CAREER total of 124 rushing and receiving yards, according to the Saints website.

In conclusion, I want to note that as an individual, Christian, and a Saints fan, I don't care what a man does with his life in private, whether he's a virgin, feeds the homeless, or sleeps with other men and women other than what is expected. The only thing I care about is that the Saints have the best chance to win every Sunday, with players who only care about winning. That is generally summed up with one name, Tim Tebow, football player.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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