Saints News 5/5/13: Jenkins Welcomes Vaccaro To Team

Welcome to the Saints, KV!! - Stacy Revere

In contrast to Reggie Bush's use of Twitter to "welcome" 2011 first round draft pick RB Mark Ingram, Malcolm Jenkins actually welcomed Kenny Vaccaro to the Saints following the teams' selection of the Texas safety. Also - Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!


Saints Stuff

Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins welcomes first-round pick | The Advocate
Gary Estwick - Malcolm Jenkins said he embraced the Saints’ first-round selection of Kenny Vaccaro — despite the threat to his job security at free safety — after recalling Mark Ingram’s less-than-cordial welcome to the franchise by former teammate Reggie Bush.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Time for a look at the Sunday morning headlines from around the NFC South. (HansDat note: or, in the Saints' case, a dubious Friday afternoon headline passed off as a Sunday morning headline. Well, at least he didn't link to twitter pictures of Saints players visiting lemonade stands yesterday.)

Under-the-Radar Position Battles | Who Dat Dish
Corey Hogue

Tim Tebow to Saints Picking Up Steam in the Media - Who Dat Dish
Chris Roling - Now, before you go over to Twitter and tell Jason Cole how much you hate his life, what he is saying isn’t the most illogical notion in the world.


Overlooked 2013 Draft Goodies Found While Sweeping Up In Radio City Music Hall

Interactive Graphic: How Good Are N.F.L. Teams at Picking the Best? |
Teams do have skill in picking players in the N.F.L. Draft, but chance also plays a strong role. (HansDat note: I know the draft is well behind us, but this looked like an interesting piece considering our draft history discussions leading up to it...)

Impact of taking 'power in numbers' approach at NFL draft |
Don Banks - One of the more subtle trends emerging from last week's NFL Draft could loosely be described as the 'Power in Numbers' theory. (HansDat note: LSU! LSU! LSU!)

Reviewing ESPN and NFL Network's 2013 Draft coverage |
Richard Deitsch - When ESPN executives review their 2013 NFL draft coverage, they should immediately fast forward to the first selection of the fourth round.

The QBs are back with a few thoughts on the 2013 NFL draft. (HansDat note: L-O-L, MF-ers, this was some funny s***.)



Von Miller Wants To Be A Chicken Baron | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape

KSK Kommenter Draft: Cheeeeeeeese | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority

Tim Tebow headed to ESPN or Fox? - NFL - Rumors | FanNation
Does Tim Tebow have a TV future?

Star Wars Video I Should Have Posted Yesterday on May the 4th Be With You Day

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