Saints News 6/26/13: Ex-Patriot Aaron Hernandez Arrested For Murder

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I'm so glad the biggest story of the offseason doesn't involve the Saints this time. Hernandez was cut by the Patriots soon after he was arrested. The charges against him are many and the prosecutor characterizes Hernandez as the one with the motive for what he described as an "execution." In related news, Stujo's fantasy football keeper league teams take a hit after this Hernandez news. Who can he now pick up as a sleeper TE? Oh, the drama of the offseason!



Aaron Hernandez arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd

Prosecutor: Aaron Hernandez "Orchestrated The Execution" Of Odin Lloyd
Before a capacity crowd at Attleboro District Court that included the family of Odin Lloyd, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arraigned on a charge of murdering Lloyd, and five assorted counts of firearm possession.

Aaron Hernandez charged with murder | ProFootballTalk
The prosecutor called it an "execution," and he characterized Hernandez as the person who orchestrated the crime, had the motive and means to kill Lloyd, and engaged in efforts to cover up the crime, including telling his fiancée to stop talking to police.

Hernandez arrested | ProFootballTalk
Michael Fee has some explaining to do. Barely a day after the lawyer representing Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez blasted the media for false reports of an arrest warrant, Hernandez has been arrested. Presumably pursuant to a warrant.

Source on Hernandez: "Assume the worst" | ProFootballTalk
The facts still aren't clear, but the circumstances continue to look bad for Aaron Hernandez. We'll know more later today the specific charge Hernandez faces. As one source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT regarding the overall situation: "Assume the worst.

Judge orders Aaron Hernandez to be held without bail | ProFootballTalk
After hearing in detail the evidence discovered during the investigation of the murder of Odin Lloyd, a judge has ordered that Aaron Hernandez be held without bail pending further proceedings.

Patriots release Aaron Hernandez | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots moved as quickly as the police this morning. The team just announced via Twitter that it released tight end Aaron Hernandez, shortly after he was led out of his house in handcuffs.

Patriots call Hernandez release "the right thing to do" | ProFootballTalk
So much for a double standard in sports. The Patriots have released tight end Aaron Hernandez, roughly 90 minutes after he was arrested on a charge that has not yet been identified.

Pats likely will fight Hernandez for bonus money, guaranteed salary | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots' decision to cut tight end Aaron Hernandez makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the team to recover any of the signing bonus paid to Hernandez last year and, in part, earlier this year.

Patriots decided last week to cut Hernandez if he was arrested | ProFootballTalk
While the move came as a surprise, the Patriots had a plan. They remained quiet, as they always do. But they knew all along what they would do when the time came.

Identity of other two men in Lloyd case still not known | ProFootballTalk
With Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez now in police custody, the biggest lingering question is the identity of the two other men who reportedly were with Hernandez and Odin Lloyd on the night Lloyd was killed.

Police can’t be accused of showing a Patriot favorable treatment | ProFootballTalk
In some NFL cities, the authorities are inclined to look the other way when it comes to a member of the local football team. In North Attleboro, Massachusetts, that's definitely not happening.

In theory, another team could now claim Hernandez on waivers | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots decided they want nothing more to do with tight end Aaron Hernandez. The next question is whether any of the other 31 NFL franchises will be inclined to take a chance on a player who, if/when his legal entanglements are resolved, could help a team win games.

Pats will take at least a $7.5 million cap charge for Hernandez in 2014 | ProFootballTalk
One of the obvious questions that arise in the aftermath of the Patriots' decision to cut tight end Aaron Hernandez is the cap consequences, if any, for the move.

NFL issues statement on Aaron Hernandez arrest | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots reacted swiftly this morning to Aaron Hernandez, and while the league is obviously monitoring the situation, there's only so much for them to say at the moment.


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