Saints News - July 13, 2013: Roby's Getting Married In Indy!!!

These boys are ballin' in Indy for Roby's wedding. Be cool, guys! - Sean Gardner

In Twitter news, Jr.'s looking for good soul food in nola, Sprolesy and PT are going to Courtney Roby's wedding in Indianapolis, Morstead's trying on tuxes, and cold Abita beer looks GREAT on the beach. Say, did you hear the Mannings are in Louisiana for their Academy right now? Yeah, I was invited but told them, "No, thanks. I'll pass. Give my invite to some underprivileged kid who really wants it."


Saints Stuff

Saints elder statesmen on defense face fights for starting spots
Brian Allee-Walsh - Graybeards on the hot seat!!!

25 Reasons to Get Excited about 2013 Saints Training Camp: No. 13 Pierre Thomas
Samantha McLain

Ben Watson Looking to Make Mark in Saints' Offense |
Connor Perez - I think with all of the news about the New Orleans Saints, many reporters and fans are forgetting one fantastic signing: a great tight-end known as Benjamin Watson.

Film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y - Let's take a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat.

NFC SOUTH - Chat with Pat Yasinskas -
Check out the full transcript of ESPN SportsNation's Chat with Pat Yasinskas.

Question of the day: Best position battle when the Saints play the Patriots? |
Different team, same position, who is best?



Mike Ditka praises Aaron Rodgers | ProFootballTalk
HansDat Note: How can I even begin to take this guy's QB evaluations seriously? Exhibit A: The Billy Joes. I rest my case. Unanimous jury verdict now in, I win!

Which losing NFL teams are poised to make the playoffs? |
Bill Barnwell - Ten teams went 6-10 or worse last year. Which ones are making the playoffs in 2013?

55-Day NFL Warning: That Was Not a Dream, Bears Fans. Brandon Marshall Really Is Here |
Robert Mays - When the Bears traded for Brandon Marshall a year ago, it was hard to explain to the rest of NFL fans just what it meant.

The NFL's summertime blues aren't going away |
Pete Finney - It hasn't exactly been an enjoyable summer for the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

Nick Montana knows how to deal with pressure of being a Hall of Famer's son |
Rachel Whittaker - Tulane transfer quarterback is a counselor at Manning Passing Academy this weekend.

Manning family hosts 1,200 high school football players for 18th annual Passing Academy |
Rachel Whittaker - Nicholls State site to get state funding for camp field improvement

Meaningful return ahead for Peyton Manning | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
Marty Mule' (another T-P castoff, I believe) — Circle Oct. 20th. That will be a red-letter day in the NFL.

USA Football to Instruct New Orleans-Area Youth Coaches
Coaches will receive instruction on Heads Up Football player safety initiatives. (HansDat note: I wonder if there are any "anti-Bounty" initiatives, too.)

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