Saints Preseason News: Training Camp Over, Team Won't Practice Until Monday

This is A SAFETY!!!!! - Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Training Camp officially ended with Thursday's practice, and now the team will be gearing up for the all-important Game 3 of preseason (Aug. 25, 4:00 pm Eastern live on FOX!), followed by roster cuts to head into the regular season. Before 4:00 pm Eastern (!) on August 27, teams must have their active roster trimmed to 75, and then down to 53 on August 31.


FYI - Tusk!!'s debut with Jets last night...6 carries, 13 yards and a long of 8. No idea how long he was on stationary bike on sideline. Or even if he was on the bike at all. I'm a rampant rumor speculator.

HansDat note: Pellman is one of the NFL's concussion "experts."


Saints first teams’ play ‘encouraging’ | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - Much like the first week, the New Orleans Saints’ performance in Friday night’s exhibition game with the Oakland Raiders was a mixed bag.

New Orleans Saints notes: 11 sacks in 2 games are but one encouraging sign for defense | The Advocate
Ramon Vargas - After averaging fewer than two sacks a game last year, the New Orleans Saints have sacked opposing quarterbacks 11 times through the first two games of the preseason.

Texans tilt will tell more about improved Saints defense |
Brian Allee-Walsh - Of the four exhibition games, the third is the most important because teams typically play their projected starters into the second half.

The Saints Were Great, The Raiders Sucked |
Kristian Garic - Well, either the Raiders are that bad, or the Saints have improved that much. But I think it's really combination of both.

What was the biggest surprise from Friday's game vs. the Raiders? |
Katherine Terrell

"Who’s Your Daddy?" |
There’s been a lot of nonsense written about the Saints this preseason: all about their prospects, their problems, their crises du jour.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
Len Pasquarelli - The Patriots’ new approach to the wide receiver position and more in this week’s Blitz.

Uniform Police Focus on Face Masks |
Zach Schonbrun - Justin Tuck’s custom face mask has inspired at least three false Twitter accounts, one Facebook fan page and a likeness in the Madden 13 football video game.

Bill Barnwell looks inside the numbers to see if Chris Johnson can return to his record-setting ways - Grantland
Let's stop and think for a minute before we demand the return of the 2009 version of Chris Johnson. (HansDat Query: Who's more gassed? Him, SJax, or AFoster? - discuss.)

Fantasy Football - Walking Through a 12-Team Draft |
Jason Sablich - The following 12 team, 15 round draft primer is not an all-inclusive draft guide. Rather, it offers a couple of different approaches depending on where you are drafting from.

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