New Orleans Saints Fantasy Team Preview 2013

My Little FF Preview

Quarterbacks: Drew Brees (AVG ADP: 3.05), Luke McCown (AVG ADP: N/A)

Brees has been one of fantasy’s most consistent performers since arriving in New Orleans. There is no reason to expect that to change in 2013, especially with Sean Payton back in the saddle and overseeing the offense. He is one of the safer bets in all of football and sits comfortably just behind Aaron Rodgers at number two in most rankings…McCown is a journeyman whom you hope never sees the field. If anything happens to Brees, the offense as a whole would likely sag. There’s no reason to waste a roster spot on McCown.

Runningbacks: Darren Sproles (AVG ADP: 3.06), Mark Ingram (AVG ADP: 9.02), Pierre Thomas (AVG ADP: 13.02)

The Saints have found a way to utilize Sproles in ways the Chargers could only dream of. While it is always difficult to rely on a back who receives only a few carries per game, Sproles’ consistent activity in the passing game makes him a reliable RB2 or an explosive flex option. Despite being third in line for carries, Sproles is the clear top fantasy back in New Orleans…Preseason hype is building for Ingram for the third straight year. For the third straight year, it may prove wise to avoid the hype. Ingram’s lack of versatility has made it painfully obvious the Saints are leaning run when he is in the game, and he just looks like an awful fit for this offense. While the potential for a few short TD’s is there, he is nothing more than a depth player at this point…Finally a good value, it may be a good year to invest in Thomas. He could very well lead a high-powered offense in touches and he has always been fairly productive on a per touch basis. Of the three Saints’ runners, he is the one most likely to outperform his ADP

Wide Receivers: Marques Colston (AVG ADP: 4.10), Lance Moore (AVG ADP: 9.04)

Always seemingly one hit away from having his career ended, Colston continues to be a fantasy stalwart. He is a stone cold lock to post WR2 numbers when on the field and has toughed out numerous injuries over the past few years. There is always a risk that the various maladies start to take their toll, but there is little reason to suspect this is the year it begins. Colston is a great pick to balance out any risk/reward gambles…Moore may be one of the more mercurial players in fantasy football. Some weeks dominant, some weeks dormant, it is always a roll of the dice. However, that is the type of unpredictability you can deal with out of your WR3, and Moore is a savvy veteran who has Brees’ trust. That alone makes Moore an ideal add at his current ADP.

Tight Ends: Jimmy Graham (AVG ADP: 2.02)

The dearth of talent at the tight end position combined with the uncertainty of Rob Gronkowski’s health has helped boost Graham’s value, seeing him flirt with the first round in many leagues. Graham can give you WR1 production at the tight end spot; he is a unique asset. You will have to pay a heavy price, but it may be worth it as Graham decimates your opponents TE each and every week.

New Orleans Saint I most want: There is a lot of competition for the top spot in this high-powered offense; however, it is Graham who takes the crown thanks to the unique advantage he gives you at the tight end position. Graham was dominant in 2011 and very productive in 2012 despite being hobbled most of the year. He is a first round value, though most likely will not have the stones to draft him that high.

New Orleans Saints I’m avoiding: Ingram. He is simply not in the right spot to succeed. While there is always a chance year three proves as his breakout campaign, there is little chance he does so on my roster.

New Orleans Saint Breakout/Sleeper Candidate: When you venture deep into the abyss of your draft or auction, you’re often at the point when you throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. The Saints are a pretty steady offense with established stars; that does not mean there is not value to be had elsewhere. In 2013, it may be Kenny Stills. The Oklahoma product is slippery off the line and may be a less polished version of Lance Moore. If he gets the opportunity, he could have sleeper appeal.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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