Sacred Cows and Dead Horses

Sacred Cow: Drew Brees

Drews Brees is an effing midget who throws pick-sixes like he's giving away candy with a HUMONGOUS bloated contract that's preventing the team from signing big name free agents and he's in a serious free-fall (forget decline) in which he's only good for maybe 1 or 2 more seasons and then you can toss him on the scrap heap with Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, and that other wannabe HOFer Donovan McNabb. So....before that happens, we might as well trade for a young gun like Blaine Gabbert while we can still get some value out of the deal.

There, now that I've given the Brees-ites something substantial to howl about (instead of knee jerk, highly emotional reactions to even the slightest hint of Brees being held accountable for his play), we shall continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

Here's the thing.....that first paragraph was strictly for my own amusement and not meant to be taken seriously, except by those Brees-ites who are in need of oxygen while feverishly typing their replies. But honestly, I don't like Drew Brees. I don't like his pre-game chants. I don't like how he opened a Jimmy Johns in a city with such a unique cuisine like New Orleans. I don't like how he and Peyton Manning allowed their lawyers to negotiate for special considerations during the Lockout and then hid behind the cloak of "It wasn't us, it was the NFLPA lawyers" once the news was leaked. And don't even get me started on Gitmo.

Now, to some folks who make it their full-time job and personal crusade to slobber all over Brees and crucify those infidels who don't bow down to his holiness - The Breesus - that is not only sacrilege, it's a capital offense punishable by death. Well, either death or be relentlessly trolled into submission.

But....despite all that, I know that he's one helluva QB and I'm very happy he teamed up with Payton to be his muse on the field and bring home a Lombardi to New Orleans. Of course, none of that matters because there's probably only 2-3 people still reading this after those first couple of paragraphs.

Aw, man....when that little S.O.B. is on, he can really sling it (TWSS). My favorite Brees play ever is 1st and 10 at the Carolina 42 yard line with 16 seconds remaining in the first half. Everything about Drew Brees and Sean Payton was on display on this one play. The arrogance, the aggressiveness, the "f*** you, we're gonna do whatever the hell we want" attitude. It was beautiful. Brees drops back, looks off some punk ass Panthers defender and then gives the Pimpin-est, most gangster, double-pump fake I have seen since Bobby Layne got drunk at halftime and then came out slinging it to beat the Cowboys in 1960.


Drew Brees at his most badass. See how that works? I don't like the guy, but can still acknowledge and appreciate his level of play. Where was I? Oh yeah, Sacred Cows. I decided to write this because of something that really bothered me.

to avoid the back and forth, I don't usually comment on his short-comings.

That comment was made by one of the coolest cats on this blog because he felt that due to the nonsensical B.S. that follows a comment about Brees that's less than 100% positive, he has to censor himself. Pardon me, but that's f***ed up.

Anyway, I just do not believe that ANY football topic or player is off limits.

Dead Horse: Mark Ingram

Oh, about beating a dead horse. I have some very definite and specific opinions about this which are from a completely different perspective that hasn't been discussed yet in any of the Ingram PPVs. But, considering the fact that Ingram is injured and this topic, after multiple posts, is now dragging around an actual stinking carcass with flies, I'll just let it be. For the time being.

Aw, hell.....there's one thing I just have to say.

F*** BRET INGALLS!!! He's a complete waste of space who has done nothing but a collect paycheck. I couldn't stand him as the Saints RBs coach and I like him even less as the offensive line coach since taking over for Kromer. There's more....OMG!!...there's more. But, for now, another time.

Dead Horse: The Worst Defense in NFL History


Here's the one that makes me see red. After, starting off 2-0 with two good performances by the defense, despite having players dropping like flies, that idiotic misnomer is still following around this defense like the stinking carcass that's following Mark Ingram. It seems that whenever anyone (media hacks, opposing fans, and some Saints fans) talks or writes about the Saints defense, someone has to mention them as "The Worst Defense in NFL History" to emphasize their point about what a surprise this defense has turned out to be, or use it as their reason for remaining cautious and not yet being sold on the defense because of how truly bad they were last year.


The defense HAS improved and Saints fans don't have to be apprehensive or reluctant to believe what they've seen the first two games of the season. And there are two very good reasons for that.

1. The 2012 defense wasn't as bad as they're made out to be.

2. It doesn't matter how bad they were, THAT defense didn't take the field in 2013.

2012 - Not as bad as you thought

At the beginning of the season, I wrote half an article about this before I got bored and wandered off to watch paint dry or some s*** like that. So many fans were crying in their beer about the upcoming season and how the defense was the (you know the rest) I just didn't wanna bother wading through all them tears. Besides, the folks who were adamant about how bad the Saints defense was, were simply not having it. They were loaded for bear and no one was gonna convince them otherwise. Yes, they were a bad defense but they were nowhere close to being the worst defense in NFL history. They weren't even the worst defense in Saints history. That distinction belongs the 1980 Saints. They went 1-15 and gave up 6218 yardss and 59 touchdowns on defense (not including special teams or other TDs).

Question: Which is worse? Giving up yards or points?

The 2012 Saints gave up 7042 yards and 49 touchdowns on defense. How many more losses would the 2012 Saints have had if the defense gave up 59 touchdowns like the 1980 Saints. I'll go further than that. A much worse defense in NFL history than the 2012 Saints was the 1981 Colts. They gave up 6793 yards and 67 touchdowns. That's right SIXTY-SEVEN TOUCHDOWNS IN ONE SEASON. The Saints gave up a lousy stinking 249 more yards on defense and the Colts gave up 18 more touchdowns, but the Saints are the worst defense in NFL history. Not hardly.

How many more games would the 2012 Saints had lost if the defense had given up 67 touchdowns instead of 49?

Anyway, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I only used one example of ranking a defense in something other than yardage, which is how the NFL ranks them (which is meaningless). They are many categories such as red zone percentage, 3rd down percentage, defensive passer rating, and others which can tell you how a defense is really doing. I researched defensive statistics through NFL history all the way back to 1933 because I wanted to find 20 defenses that were worse than the 2012 Saints for my post. I found 34 before I gave up and said to myself, "This is ridiculous, none of these stats are gonna matter to a bunch of fans who are only gonna see what they want to". So, I walked away and never finished the post.

Also, I realized something else. It didn't matter if the 2012 Saints defense WASN'T the worse defense in NFL history because THAT defense would not be lining up on the field in 2013.

2013 - It's a Different Defense

Real simple. Steve Spagnuolo ain't here anymore. It's a different scheme, with a different coach, new players, and returning players in new positions. There are no BountyFarce distractions and the man who sets the tone for the entire team and gives them their "We're the Saints and we own your ass" attitude is back at the helm.

You have to judge these guys on what they do THIS YEAR, not what a different coach in a different scheme had them doing last year. You're either gonna acknowledge this new defense or you're gonna keep crapping your pants over a defense that doesn't exist anymore. Look, NO TEAM in NFL history had to deal with the B.S. and nonsense the Saints had in 2012 and they damn sure didn't have to do it without their Head Coach. Since folks have actually had two games to take a look at this new defense, I would think that it would be very apparent by now.

All that craziness was LAST YEAR.

Kenny Vaccaro is as good as advertised and he allows the other two safeties to play to their strengths. Malcolm Jenkins can stop worrying about trying to play centerfield and replacing Darren Sharper (a role he was never gonna fit) and get back to being the "MalJenked!" who hits people and causes turnovers. Roman Harper can stop being the No Covering, No Catching, MFer he's been and get back to being....well....whatever the hell he was before he turned 60 years old. John Jenkins is eating up space at the line of scrimmage, Cam Jordan is looking like a 1st round pick who can rush the passer, and Junior Galette has proven that he can do more than just tweet some really, really, crazy s***.

Last year is over. Our only real worry >>>>>> "The Curse of Rob Ryan".

THAT, is an entirely different post. Stay tuned.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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