Saints vs. Seahawks Divisional Playoff Drinking Game

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle and New Orleans will face off Saturday for a shot at the NFC Championship. This will help you make it through the game.

The Saints and the Seahawks will square off Saturday in Seattle to decide who will move on to the NFC Championship and who will end their Super Bowl dreams. Seattle drilled New Orleans in the two teams’ regular season meeting in the Emerald City and the Saints are seeking revenge against a foe that has beaten them seven out of the last nine times in Century Link Field. There will be no shortage of narratives spouted off during the game and we here at Canal Street Chronicles feel like you, the reader, deserve to have some fun at the expense of contrived booth statements and obvious in-game happenings. That’s why we’ve created a drinking game to make this Saturday’s playoff matchup even more fun (chug responsibly!).

Take A Sip:

- Any time Kevin Burkhardt or John Lynch mentions the noise at Century Link. If you start during the pre-game you might not make it through the entire game. Anything related to how loud Seattle fans are or how tough of an environment it is to play in. "You know John, this place is noisy! This is the most noise I've ever heard! It's so noisy! NOISE!" (That's a weird word)

- Marshawn Lynch and Skittles are mentioned in the same breath

- Sean Payton gives the playing surface his signature "Blue Steel" stare

Drink A Beer:

- Lynch's infamous playoff run vs. the Saints is shown or mentioned

- Erin Andrews gives us a wildly obscure stat from the sidelines that has no bearing on the actual game

- Lance Moore celebrates a first down harder than someone who just won The Price is Right.

- Close up of Rob Ryan that penetrates your soul.

- Shot of Pete Carroll chewing gum and strolling the sidelines like an overconfident 1920's gangster movie villain.

Take A Shot:

- Saints road record is mentioned

- Richard Sherman acts like what he did wasn't a penalty

- Saints score a touchdown

- Drew Brees licks his fingers and flips the page on those pictures of the defense they give him after drives

- "Russell Wilson looked up to Brees in college"

- Mark Ingram breaks off a nice run and immediately acts like a possessed animal

Drink Everything:

- If the Saints win

- If the Saints lose

- When that insanely creepy Old Spice commercial is shown. The janitor scene will give me nightmares for the next 10 years.

So there you have it. That should be more than enough to make this game even more interesting than it already is. Don’t do anything stupid and if you don’t drink, substitute alcohol with Red Bull. It’s what Rob Ryan would want.

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