Here's to the 2013 Saints Season


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First off... THAT SUCKED....

Of all the ways to end the 2013 Saints season, this ranked up there with the worst. But Who Dats, it really was a great season

We as Saints Fans have been spoiled by the recent success this team has had since Sean Payton and Drew Brees came to New Orleans back in 2006, Saints fans of the old days would kill for seasons like the one we just had. Granted, the end of the season was somewhat of a letdown, we finish the season with a record of 12-6...

After the 2012 season that any Saints fan worth their salt would have erased from their memory. Head Coach suspended, several players on the sideline, fighting for the right to play after being falsely accused of running the "bounty" program, not to mention Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis having to serve suspensions also, Loss of draft picks for 2 years, and the dragging of our good name through the mud.. we started with a clean slate for 2013

We start off getting the evil genius of Sean Payton back in the building, and days after Payton is back in the building, Payton fires defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Hires Rob Ryan form the Dallas Cowboys... Little did we know that arguably this was the best thing that wound up happening to the team in 2013, as in 2012 we were the worst defense in the history of the National Football League. In 2013, we were a top 5 defense in the league. Though I have yet to hear the actual stats on this, It has to rank up there with one of the best turnarounds in league history...

While we did not have a second round draft pick because of the bogus bountygate drama, we did select Safety Kenny Vaccaro from Texas in the 1st round, again, who would have known that he would turn out to be a HUGE addition to the defense. we also snagged Offensive Tackle Terron Armstead, Wide receiver Kenny Stills, John Jenkins, and Rufus Johnson, overall a pretty good draft

Then the schedule comes out and we find out that the Atlanta Falcons were going be our week 1 opponent. We were gonna get our arch-rival right out of the gate.. The Falcons had no idea what was about to hit them..

Fast forward to OTAs and then Training camp.... and the preseason... We won 3 out of 4 preseason games and Saints fever was in the air

September 8th was circled on calendars across the "Who Dat Nation" Sean Payton was back in the Superdome again and even did this....

It took all 4 quarters to do it, but when Kenny Vaccaro batted that Matt Ryan pass into Roman Harper's hands to seal the Falcons fate... The Saints still owned the Falcons... beating them 23-17 to start off what we all hoped would be the beginning of a season that would end in the Saints playing in New York on Groundhog day, 2014 in the Super Bowl...

We would squeak out another win the next week against the Bucs and then start beating opponents like we are used to the Saints doing for the last few years.. We would start off the season 5-0 before the Patriots would need some help from blind referees to beat the Saints..

We had a few ups and downs with some of the best times of this season coming in the weeks that followed a loss to the Jets in New York, we would go on to beat the hated Cowboys in embarrassing fashion, 49-17, we then went on to take out the San Francisco 49ers and the Falcons again on a short week... We then looked to the Seattle Seahawks and the fast track to the #1 seed in the NFC for the playoffs...

However this is where the season would start to unravel as the "12th man" and the Seahawks embarrassed us in front of the nation on Monday Night Football in one of the worst losses since Sean Payton and Drew Brees came to town..

No longer having the inside track to the #1 seed for the playoffs, the Saints looked to have the division all but wrapped up... All we needed to do was beat the suddenly hot Panthers and take care of business against the St. Louis Rams... unfortunately after beating the Panthers in front of a Flexed Sunday night game in the Superdome, we couldn't finish the job against the Rams and the Panthers at their house and we would lose a lead in the division for the first time while Sean Payton was the coach of the Saints....

We would end up as the #6 seed in the Playoffs and would go on to win our first game on the road in the playoffs against the Philadelphia Eagles (Although there are some fans such as myself that WOULD count Super Bowl 44 as a "road win")

We then went back to Seattle and although the outcome of the game was not that much different than the first time, it would be a game that could have been won...

Yes, we were stopped short of the goal and yes this post does sound cliche but it wasn't all bad....

Things to be Thankful for...

  • The Defense - Rob Ryan -Who would have thought this would have happened this year
  • Sean Payton - Best coach in the NFL, the year away showed why he is important to the Saints
  • Drew Brees - he can work magic at times and at the right time...

Things to worry about....

  • Salary Cap - It only gets worse with Drew's cap hits growing and some big name guys coming up for contract
  • Drew Brees - Offensive Line - While he is one of the best in the league, every day that passes hes getting older, unfortunately for us, He can't quarterback the Saints for forever and this past season showed that he needs protection and time to work his magic...

Who Dats, we now begin the time of year we all hate... No Saints football for the next 8 months or so... we will have the draft and training camp to look forward to but we now start looking forward to next year... at least it is not as early as "Our Daddy's" Saints teams had to face it

This was my first year really commenting and posting here on Canal Street Chronicles... I have made some friends as the season as progressed and have to say I enjoyed the hell out of it... I only hope that you have enjoyed what I added to the conservation, This is one of the best blogs I have ever read on the net and would like to thank everyone that helps make it that way... I will be here all off season long and hope to see all of yall along the way

These are my thoughts on the 2013 season... Please feel free to share yours...

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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