Well There's Always Next Year...

My Grandaughter sent me a Text Message after the game that cracked me up...

She sent..."Well...Maybe next year. :(

who dat..."

That's sorta a coming of age for the new generation of Saints fans. Guess we oldtimers are about to see the maturation of the new generation.

For years we sufferd throught the early years, when we had to build a team from the scraps, given to us by to entrenched NFL teams. We had our first real hopes lifted by the Drafting of Archie Manning draft in '71, my personal real first exposure to the Saints. I was there thanks to some comp tickets my Dad scored, from an Oil Field sales rep, when we beat Dallas at home that year. The atmosphere, the excitement, and the game experince, hooked me for life. And it was brutal there for a long time. Yet my faith never wavered, no matter the heart break that would follow.

We had Archie running for his life, for all of his tenure with the Saints, and very little good to celebrate, back in those days. Sure we had our Chuck Muncies, Geoge Rodgers and Iron Head Heywards, that fired us up during those down years. But we also had our Billy Joes. We were excited when Stram, Bum Philips, and a gassed Earl Campbell joined the team. Hell we even had high hopes when we signed the Snake, (QB Ken Stable).

Our true first taste of success was the Dome patrol years, and Coach (Playoffs! don't talk about playoffs) Mora was here. Bobby Herbert, aka the Cajun Cannon, AAron Brooks, and even Jim Haslett, in his first years, gave us hopes for the future. But when the Great Dane, MortenAndersen, is your leading scorer, well that says a lot in itself.

The Duece is loose was one of our favorite cries, and then Sean Payton, and Dree Brees blew into town, literally, thanks to the storm know as Katrina. We drafted Reggie Bush, and our journey out of mediocracy, began. After 43 years of futility, we won a Super Bowl, in the 2009 season!

2010 and 2011 were years that cemented our feelings that we were a team to be reckoned with. Yes both seasons ended in less that optimum terms, but we were still good, something many of us weren't used to. 2012 will be the year that tested us all. We had a major chip on our shoulders, thanks to the Bounty Farce, the God-dell pounded us with. Our 7-9 record at one time, would have been considered a good season. But not any more! Now we expect greatness, and that's a good thing.

This year was another succesful one in my eyes, but because we have come to expect more, there has been a lot of negative vibes from the fans here. I get it! We want it all! I mean if Pittsburg, could rack off 4 SB wins after winning their first one, also after 43 years, why shouldn't we expect the same. Well let me break it to you. The Cap has created true parity, in the NFL, and just to make the hunt for the SB, is a major accomplishment in this Era.

So friends, let me leave you with this. No matter how you may feel on this day after, remember...




This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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