Accountability Index Update-End of Season

Need to clean up and clear out a couple of items. Not much else except I'd like to welcome the newest member of the stujo4 Fanclub, canu2u. Your dartboard and spit cup are in the mail, canu.






Sep 20 2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

3 carries for 1 yard against the Pats. I heard someone say he just doesn't care, he got paid. RW: "It's too early to throw in the towel on Richardson's career - just ask Cedric Benson - but he's certainly at a crossroads."

Apr 22 2013


jeff and Andy Reid think Alex Smith is the s***.

RW: He has a 30-9-1 record the past three seasons and helped the Chiefs go from 2-14 in 2012 to 11-5 and a Wild Card playoff berth in 2013, Smith's first season with Kansas City. Smith also set new career-highs in passing yards (3,313) and passing touchdowns (23) this past season.

Smith does not play defense or coach from the sideline.

Dec 31 2013


The Saints will be beat Philly by 7+ points Saturday

26-24, Saints

Good game. Unless you live in your mom's basement in Norristown.

Dec 31 2013

Alex Swift

Saints will also have more sacks, takeaways and rushing yards than Philly

Sacks 2 and 2, no fumbles, Brees threw 2 picks, Saints rushed for 185, Eagles for 80

The only stat that really matters is points scored in excess of the opponent.

Dec 31 2013


Lulz at more rushing yards than Philly

LeSean McCoy was the NFL rushing leader for 2013.

He had 21 carries, 77 yards. jeff's conventional wisdom did not prevail. Neither did the Eagle fans'.

Dec 31 2013


Thinks the OL needs shoring up and Grubbs is gassed

Common misconception. The line is as good as it's going to get and Grubbs rated pretty good by PFF.

Apr 26 2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

Again, Vaccaro is a better fit for the Saints.

Apr 25 2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

Not trending this way.

Oct 26 2013

Jan 12 2014


Breesus Christ Superstar

Jimmy Graham will not be given WR money under the franchise tag.

Boy's gonna get paid, though.

Jun 23 2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

Compared to Andrew Luck?

Jul 29 2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

Well, his new head coach just named him the starter for 2014, so here we go.

Jul 2 2013

Brian Gagnon

Bets that M Jenkins, Harper and W Smith all get the boot after 2013

Not Malcolm Jenkins. PayLoo seem to like him.

Jan 1 2014

Dan Kelly

Drew Brees throws for 5,500+ yards next year (2014)

Dan, you've failed to factor in the decline...

Aug 13 2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

2013, 2014, 2015. Ryan Griffin needs to get on a program.

Dec 17 2013


Strief gone next year, too expensive as a free agent. DLP too.

Strief is a Saint. He'll be 31 in his 9th season next year. Brees will make sure he stays. The Portuguese kid might be on the bubble.

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