Saints News, 1/20/14: Saints Coaching Staff Keeping it Close to the Vest at Senior Bowl

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Mickey Loomis, Rob Ryan, and most of the coaching staff were seen in Mobile, AL today in preparation for the Senior Bowl. Sean Payton was not there, however, on this the one-year anniversary of his reinstatement from a bogus suspension. When Rob Ryan was asked a question as he was walking through the room where reporters were gathered, he only responded, “Mum’s the word until training camp. Sorry,”



Saints News

Saints coaching staff keeping it close to the vest at Senior Bowl | New Orleans
Rob Ryan stood up from his seat at the Mobile Convention Center, shook some hands and began the exodus from the building's South Hall.

Saints brass hits up Reese’s Senior Bowl weigh-in while LSU, Tulane draft prospects are measured up | Black and Gold

Rex Ryan stunned his brother Rob can’t get an interview | ProFootballTalk
Obviously Rex Ryan is a big Rob Ryan fan. But after the job his fatter, hairier brother did as the Saints defensive coordinator this season, the Jets head coach figures appearances might be the only thing holding Rob back.

Saints mailbag: Is Graham worth it? - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN
METAIRIE, La. -- Thanks for all of your New Orleans Saints questions on Twitter this week. Send 'em my way anytime to @MikeTriplett, and I'll try to p

Saints fell short on deep balls - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN
METAIRIE, La. -- When it came to throwing deep this season, the Saints fell a little short. Overall, quarterback Drew Brees’ downfield passing

New Orleans Saints positional analysis: quarterbacks |
Drew Brees had one of his most productive seasons in 2013

New Orleans Saints positional analysis: running backs |
Saints discover rushing attack late after being mostly stagnant in 2013

Terron Armstead: 2013 season in review
Taking a look at the tackle's rookie season

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season: #10 - Travaris Cadet's 82 Yard Kickoff Return

Jimmy Graham’s 2013 touchdowns
New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham led the NFL in touchdowns with 16 in 2013


NFL News

Why I Hate the NFL | The Black & Gold Review
Once mostly fun, games, and true love for a sports team associated with my city and culture, lately I mostly just hate the NFL and everything about it (except for the true love for New Orleans part, which is somehow something separate). I hate its hypocrisy and sliminess, its corporate neo-Orwellian Goodell bullcrap,and its hold over a cadre of writers and media personalities who recite the company lines of a hugely profitable entity that declares itself a nonprofit despite the fact it and everyone else knows this is a lie based on a backroom deal.

"Legion of Boom" fines don’t run afoul of league rules | ProFootballTalk
Still, the mere existence of a fine system should at a minimum result in confirmation by the league office that the team isn’t involved, and that money isn’t being given back to players. It’s unclear whether the league plans to ask those questions. Saints fans would say — loudly — that the league office should.

Broncos will need to match Seattle’s physicality | ProFootballTalk
When a pair of former AFC West rivals get together in the place where a pair of New York teams play their home games, the Broncos will have to bring a level of aggression that reflects current life in the conference to which Seattle moved more than a decade ago.

Richard Sherman: I don’t want to be a villain | ProFootballTalk
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's postgame diatribe toward 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has been a major talking point over the last 12 hours and Sherman added some more insight into his thought process on Monday with a piece he wrote for

Tom Brady on Richard Sherman: "We win with graciousness" | ProFootballTalk
It took Tom Brady a moment to respond, but when he did, it was clear he’s not sure Richard Sherman’s brashness would play well in the Patriots locker room. During his appearance on WEEI this morning, Brady was played the Sherman post-game remarks, and he didn’t immediately respond.

Senior Bowl executive thinks too many juniors enter the draft | ProFootballTalk
A record 102 players who still have NCAA eligibility remaining have decided to enter this year's NFL draft, and the head of the Senior Bowl doesn't think that's a good thing for the sport.

Darren Sharper, former NFL safety, arrested on felony charge - ESPN
Former NFL star defensive back Darren Sharper has been arrested on suspicion of rape and is being investigated in connection with three separate sexual assaults.

In 1974, James Harris became first black QB to start a playoff game - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
In ESPN The Magazine, Steve Wulf writes that when Russell Wilson starts Super Bowl XLVIII, fans won't bat an eye. But when James Harris started a playoff game in 1974, America wasn't so color-blind.

98 players granted special eligibility for 2014 NFL Draft
The 2014 NFL Draft takes place May 8-10 in New York



VIDEO: Kenny Stills: "Excited to improve this offseason"
New Orleans Saints WR Kenny Stills speaks with reporters on Monday, January 13, 2014 (New Orleans Saints video)

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