Saints News, 1/30/14: NFL Says Concussions Down 13% In 2013

Sandy Huffaker

Key words: "NFL says." Let's allow an impartial group to analyze the data before we fully believe this. If it is true, we can expect the league office to continue levying heavy fines in an attempt to eliminate helmet-to-helmet contact as much as possible. That would be a good thing if not for the fact that defenders are aiming more for the knees now as a result of this new NFL "let's avoid future concussion litigation" strategy.



Saints News

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NFL News

NFL says concussions down 13 percent in last year | ProFootballTalk
Miller said that in the information compiled from team doctors, there was a 23 percent decrease in concussions caused by helmet to helmet contact last season. That will only embolden the league to continue levying heavy fines, particularly to repeat offenders. Those numbers, on their face, would seem to indicate progress.

Facebook Data Show Just How Much Football Games Depress You
Whenever Facebook rolls out a new broad survey of its data, like a map of NFL fandom, the instinct is usually to jump right to the counterintuitive bits—Why would there be a pocket of Saints fans in the heart of Texas?—and then sussing out an answer. But here, with a look at how positive and negative words are used in realtime as NFL games go on, they only really mind you of the crushing masochism of watching sports.

Lawsuit accuses Giants, Eli Manning of distributing fraudulent memorabilia | ProFootballTalk
According to a civil-racketeering, breach-of-contract, malicious-prosecution and trade-libel suit filed Wednesday in Bergen County (N.J.) Superior Court, a helmet displayed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton as the one Eli Manning wore in Super Bowl XLII is a fake.

Russell Wilson wants to change the game | ProFootballTalk
"I want to change the game because, if you think about it, there’s a difference between being good and being great and changing the game," Wilson said. "I think guys like Peyton Manning have changed the game in terms of the way he thinks, in terms of the way he processes things. You see that about him. Tom Brady is the same way. He’s so clutch, people fear him when he steps on the field. Drew Brees is a guy like that. And one day I want to evolve to that. It’s a daily process. You respect the journey, you respect the process. I’m just growing one day at a time and to be here in the second year is a good thing. I just have to keep going."

Colin Kaepernick unloads on Richard Sherman | ProFootballTalk
Normally reserved 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick had plenty to say today, sending some pointed words at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. The last we saw Kaepernick, he was throwing a game-ending interception in the NFC Championship Game, which was followed by Richard Sherman making the ch...

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Seattle Seahawks Defenders: How Often Do They Really Commit Fouls? | The Big Lead
The 2013 Seattle Seahawks have had one of the best pass defenses in NFL history. Chase Stuart broke it down by adjusting for what the rest of the teams in the league were allowing, and Seattle is behind only the 2002 Buccaneers since 1990, and in the top five since 1950.



VIDEO: Drew Brees breaks down Super Bowl matchup
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees discusses the matchup between the Denver Broncos offense and the Seattle Seahawks defense and shares the advice he would give to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning says he feels more at home with Denver Broncos than in 2012 season: video - Video |
Peyton Manning says he felt more like a visitor in Denver last year, but he feels more relaxed in the 2013 season

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