Saints Radio Network and how to sync it to the game

Yesterday we learned what FOX crew calling the Saints game this weekend...

If you are like me, I'm ready to mute the TV already.... I much rather listen to Jim and Hokie

If we can pull of a win this Saturday, we already know who will be calling the next 2 games as FOX will be broadcasting the NFC Championship Game as well as the Super Bowl... Everyone's favorite announcing crew of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

(Another Note, I know that if we make it to the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl, the only way to listen to Jim and Hokie will be from WWL in New Orleans, since the league requires the network affiliates to carry the national radio feed... Screw you, Roger Goodell.... Not sure about the internet stream in this case)

It was asked last night on the daily Fleur-de-Links if I still had this list of the affiliates of the Saints radio network.. Here it is...

  • WWL- 870AM.... New Orleans, Louisiana
  • WWL- 105.3FM... New Orleans, Louisiana
  • KAOK 1400AM... Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • KCIL- 107.5FM... Houma, Louisiana
  • KMDL- 97.3FM... Lafayette, Louisiana
  • KMLB- 540AM... Monroe, Louisiana
  • KRLQ- 94.1FM... Ruston, Louisiana
  • KQKI- 95.3FM... Morgan City, Louisiana
  • KVPI- 92.5FM... Ville Platte, Louisiana
  • KTAL- 98.1FM... Shreveport, Louisiana
  • KZMZ- 96.9FM... Alexandria, Louisiana
  • KZTK- 99.3FM... Tyler, Texas
  • WASK- 1450AM... Lafayette, Indiana
  • WAZA- 107.7FM... McComb, Mississippi
  • WBOX- 920AM... Bogalusa, Louisiana
  • WBOX- 92.9FM... Bogalusa, Louisiana
  • WCOA- 1370AM... Pensacola, Florida
  • WJDR- 98.3FM... Columbia, Mississippi
  • WJDX- 620AM... Jackson, Mississippi


  • WBUV- 104.9FM...Biloxi, Mississipi

Outside of any of these areas, you should be able to stream the game from WWL... (You are not supposed to be able to stream the game from your phone or tablet... You will need a desktop or laptop, NFL rules say they still have the rights to stream the games to mobile devices, not WWL or the Saints) Also just WWL to my understanding is streaming the games and not any of the affiliates..

Ok, so how do you sync the game to your TV? Good question.. It depends on how you get your TV programming...

If you get your programming the old fashioned way with a antenna (Also known as over the air), there is not a whole lot you can do, but fortunately it should be pretty much synced up... If you are in the New Orleans Area, WWL FM has the smallest delay, WWL AM has just a little bit more and if you have one of the new HD Radios, WWL FM-HD has the longest delay (source on this info WWL Radio)

Those on Cable will have a little bit of a delay, and add another second or so if you have a DVR... best bet here for syncing the game is to have a DVR and to stream the game over the internet... pause the game right at kickoff and wait for Jim to say "And we are underway".. again this shouldn't be too long of a delay in the game before you are synced up...

Now there are some of us on Satellite... I can tell you from personal experience that there is anywhere from a 35-45 second delay here... about the only way it will work is if you stream the game over the net and pause the DVR like I described above for cable.. but get ready for a little bit of a delay...

So basically, the best bet is to have a DVR and the Internet stream from WWL..

Hope this answers any questions you might have... I'll answer any more you may have in the comment section below if I can and just for fun I thought I would include a poll about broadcasting teams....

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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