Fanspeak Draft Simulator Competition: Post your Draft

There is an awesome simulator created by Fanspeak in which you can choose any team and any number of rounds to simulate the 2014 Draft (can be found here). I decided to do a full 6-round draft for the Saints multiple times and post what I thought were the best 3 drafts which can be found below!

Also I wanted to create a friendly competition before the Combine in which CSC members can post and vote for the best mock draft. This post will be for all members to post their best mock draft using Fanspeak and the subsequent fanpost I write later on will be used for voting. So get mock drafting!

Draft 1


Round 1, Pick 27: Taylor Lewan, Offensive Tackle, Michigan

Round 2, Pick 58: Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver, Oregon State

Round 3, Pick 91: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Cornerback, Nebraska

Round 4, Pick 122:Pierre Desir, Cornerback, Lindinwood

Round 5, Pick 155: Adrian Hubbard, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

Round 6, Pick 186: Mike Davis, Wide Receiver, Texas

Analysis: In this mock draft, the tackle position is addressed early with Lewan luckily falling to the 27th spot. This makes the tackle a potential strength as younger unit manned by Terron Armstead on the left side and Taylor Lewan on the right. Additionally, Brandin Cooks adds a smaller, quick receiver with good route running skills. Cooks had massive production at the collegiate level last year and adds just one more young receiver next to Kenny Stills, Nick Toon, and Joseph Morgan. Going cornerback back-to-back on Day 2 would add great depth and boasts a larger 6'3" cornerback a la Seahawks secondary in Stanley Jean-Baptiste who has great potential. Lastly, Adrian Hubbard and Mike Davis are great value picks and add young depth to the Linebacker and Receiver cores.

Draft 2


Round 1, Pick 27: Marquis Lee, Wide Receiver, USC

Round 2, Pick 58: Antonio Richardson, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee

Round 3, Pick 91: Ahmad Dixon, Safety, Baylor

Round 4, Pick 122: Keith McGill, Cornerback, Utah

Round 5, Pick 155: Max Bullough, Inside Linebacker, Michigan

Round 6, Pick 186: L'Damian Washington, Wide Receiver, Missouri

Analysis: This mock draft worked out really well in terms of value -- both Marquis Lee and Antonio Richardson absurdly falling to the 27th and 58th picks, respectively. This would be ideal as it would be highly likely that both of these players could contribute significantly in their first years and potentially fill voids left by Lance Moore and Zach Strief pending Free Agency. The mid-rounds are invested in the secondary here grabbing talented Baylor Safety Ahmad Dixon who has great speed and can make tackles all over the field. This pick also gives Rob Ryan another toy in his elaborate defenses and another piece in 3-safety schemes. Keith McGill, much like Jean-Baptiste, is another big cornerback with lots of potential. A downside here is that McGill comes into the league at age 25 but he still might be able to contribute as he acclimates to the NFL. Lastly, L'Damian Washington is worthy of note as a bigger receiver at 6'4" and his potential is worth investing in in the 6th round.

Draft 3


Round 1, Pick 27: Justin Gilbert, Cornerback, Oklahoma State

Round 2, Pick 58: Travis Swanson, Center, Arkansas

Round 3, Pick 91: Ja'Wuan James, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee

Round 4, Pick 122: Brandon Coleman, Wide Receiver, Rutgers

Round 5, Pick 155: Adrian Hubbard, Outside Linebacker, Alabama

Round 6, Pick 186: Tevin Reese, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Analysis: Justin Gilbert is good value pick at the 27th spot and hopefully fills the void left by Jabari Greer at the second cornerback spot. This could create a good duo for years in both Gilbert and Lewis locking down the corners and maintaining a solid pass defense for the future. Travis Swanson was a BPA pick here (best center in the draft), falling late into the second round, and could surely start at center and assume De La Puente's role if he does indeed depart in Free Agency. Both Ja'Wuan James (right tackle) and Brandon Coleman could compete for playing time in training camp. Coleman, in particular, is a very exciting prospect at 6'6" and could develop into a dangerous weapon in the Saint's already potent passing offense. Additionally, James could be next in the Saint's lineage of mid-round offensive lineman who develop into and excel in starting roles. Adrian Hubbard again here is both good value in the 5th round and also supplies young depth at the linebacker position. Reese -- a speedy, smaller-receiver who was one of Bryce Petty's go-to guys this past season -- would compliment Coleman well, perhaps supplying a good one-two punch in the Saint's passing attack.

So that's what I came up after playing around with the simulator for a while! Let me know what you think and be sure to post your best draft in the comments below which will be voted on a later date. As always, thanks for reading and Who Dat!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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