Accountability Index Update-After The Combine

The Combine is over, Jimmy Graham has been franchise tagged, free agency begins March 11, the draft starts on May 8. Time for an update to the list, more formally and politely known as the Accountability Index. Bragging, boasting and predicting on CSC will get you here, mostly if I disagree with you. There are no rules, it's a free for all! Well, not free. Dumb comments can be costly to one's self esteem.






Sep 20 2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

"Richardson is positioned to be one of the biggest busts in recent memory, but the car is still only at the edge of the cliff. There's still time for him to throw it into reverse. If that sounds like a hedge, it's because it is. The odds are low that Richardson emerges as an above-average back, let alone the back the Browns thought they were getting. But they're not nonexistent, and that counts for something when you're a 23-year-old former No. 3 overall pick. "

Jan 13 2014

Alex Swift

Pierre Thomas is on the 2014 roster.

I prefer keeping PT over Sproles and I think one has to go to make room for Ingram/Robinson and the power run game. In my head.

Jan 14 2014


Saints will draft an offensive player in the first round.

I like it. WR. Not that I like it but I find the results easier to accept when I think like PayLoo.

Feb 9 2014


The Saints will NOT draft an OL in the first round in 2014

Because of The Dan Kelly Hypothesis.

Jan 14 2014

Jan 21 2014



No way we lose Strief in 2014 except to injury.

Strief is a Saint, Brees likes and trusts him, he stays.

Jan 21 2014




Strief won't be back in 2014

Unless he goes. NO! He'll stay. I'll bet Strief would rather retire than not play with the Saints.

Dec 17 2013


Strief gone next year, too expensive as a free agent. DLP too.

The Saints have opened talks with Strief and no reports of him visiting other teams. DLP can go pound sand.

Dec 31 2013


Thinks the OL needs shoring up and Grubbs is gassed

Need to do something at center. But Grubbs was rated higher in 2013 than Jahri Evans by PFF, hardly gassed.

Apr 26 2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

2013 was a draw, I think. The Saints need Vaccaro more than the Niners need Reid.

Apr 25 2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

Canu had the "special" mushrooms on his burger the night he came up with this vision.

Oct 26 2013

Jan 12 2014


Breesus Christ Superstar

Jimmy Graham will not be given WR money under the franchise tag.

That's if it goes to arbitration. I doubt that the Saints let it go that far. They'll settle.

Jan 21 2014


Jimmy Graham will be franchise tagged

Boom. Now, does he play the season under the tag?

Jan 21 2014


Does not expect a prolonged Jimmy Graham contract dispute

Satch also thinks that if they'd just sit down and talk while Gordon Lightfoot plays softly in the background, they'd get a deal done. I agree.

Mar 1 2014


Jimmy Graham will be a Saint in 2014

Of course he will. The kid said he'd retire when Brees does. That's how much of a Saint he is. He's not going anywhere.

Jun 23 2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

I supposed that is technically true. Currently. Wait'll next year.

Jul 29 2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

He didn't get hurt in 2013. Jay Gruden knows how to handle him. Not too worried about it.

Jul 2 2013

Brian Gagnon

Bets that M Jenkins, Harper and W Smith all get the boot after 2013

Brian Gagnon Brian Gagnon is 2 for 3 and the 3rd one is trending favorably for him him.

Jan 1 2014

Dan Kelly

Drew Brees throws for 5,500+ yards next year (2014)

If Sproles has a good year. If Payton emphasizes the power run game, no way. AH HA HA HA HA!! What am I saying??

Aug 13 2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

2013, 2014, 2015. WIN NOW!

Jan 15 2014


Lance Moore is under contract and goes nowhere in 2014

Pay cut, healthy, good camp all required for this to happen.

Jan 22 2014


Victor Butler won't cut it in 2014

I misquoted jeff here but since he's on hiatus, who cares? I think Butler will be a good 1 or 2 down player in 2014.

Feb 10 2014



No way that Michael Sam goes undrafted in 2014

Trending favorably, he had a good combine at the press conference, but not so good in the workouts.

Feb 15 2014


Shayne Graham wins the kicker job in preseason and will kick for the Saints in 2014

Some kid takes his job. I can't stand the red headed step-kicker.

Feb 16 2014


PayLoo draft a WR in round 1 or 2 in 2014

It's PayLoo, how could they not? WIN NOW

Feb 17 2014

J.R. Ella

The Saints will re-sign Jabari Greer in 2014

John Ross Ella's heart is bigger than his head.

Feb 17 2014

Dave Cariello

Jabari Greer won't play in the NFL for ANY team ever again.

DC is all about the truth, the absolute truth, all bases covered, done and done.

Feb 18 2014


PayLoo do NOT draft a cornerback in round 1 this year

Yeah that's right. Because they probably take a smart WR who can play in his rookie year unlike Robert Meachem.

Feb 19 2014

Jon Oliver

PRob will score points in 2014

The Mighty Evan Silva called PRob a "draft bust" this morning when he mocked CB Bradley Roby at #27 to the Saints. But Roby appears to be an eventual CB2 anyway, so maybe he'll split time with PRob who has a pick 6 at some point? Are the mushrooms kicking in??

Feb 28 2014

Jon Oliver

Louis Delmas won't start 16 games in 2014

Jon did a quick calculation, laid out the stink bait and I'm all over it. I hope he plays 16 regular season games for the Saints.

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