Saints News, 4/25/14: Cam Jordan Disses Atlanta Falcons' Offensive Line

Kevin C. Cox

"It's OK, we can start off with that road game, get that road game win, come back after two games. ... (Wide receiver Julio Jones) will be back healthy and that's always a steam roller you have to worry about," Jordan said. "I'm sure they did something with their o-line, hopefully, I don't know if you could call that an o-line last year. Roadblocks. Speedbumps."



Saints News

New Orleans Saints' Cam Jordan thinks second year under Rob Ryan will surpass 2013 |
Saints recently picked up fifth-year option on Jordan's contract

Cam Jordan Disses The Atlanta Falcons
Cam Jordan Disses The Atlanta Falcons

Cameron Jordan expects more fight from Atlanta Falcons - ESPN
"[Receiver Julio Jones] will be back healthy, and that’s always a steamroller you have to worry about," Jordan said, according to The Times-Picayune. "I’m sure they did something with their O-line, hopefully. I don’t know if you could call that an O-line last year. Roadblocks. Speed bumps."

New Orleans Saints 2014 NFL draft outlook | offensive linemen |
Center could be one of the biggest needs for the Saints entering the 2014 NFL draft

It's too early for the New Orleans Saints to worry about drafting a QB | Friday's Dunc Shot |
Saints have too many other needs to invest in Brees' heir apparent

Armstead, Lelito hope for sophomore surge - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN

The New Orleans Saints might have two sophomores starting on their offensive line this year, with Terron Armsteada virtual lock for the left tackle job and Tim Lelito a strong contender at center.

USA Today: Saints should win the NFC South | New Orleans
Since divisional realignment in 2002, the NFC South has been the most tumultuous division from year-to-year. It’s the only division to not have a repeat champion in that time.

Drafting all of the current NFL players | New Orleans
If all of the NFL players were put into a draft and picked today, who would be picked first? Who would be the first Saint chosen? Remember, age counts as you wouldn't want to draft a player who will only play a few seasons.

Inside The Huddle: Wide Receivers - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: John Clayton reports that players are taking big pay cuts to stay with their teams. Sidney Rice andRobert Meachem are featured.

Inside The Huddle: Running Back Salaries - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: John Clayton analyzes the trend towards salaries for running back going down. Chris Johnson andMark Ingram are featured.

Failclowns add another Clown(ey)? | The Saints Nation


NFL News

Falcons used "force plate" assessment on Clowney | ProFootballTalk
The plate, pictured with Clowney on it and Falcons director player of personnel Lionel Vital in the background, makes various measurements based merely on a player jumping and moving on it.  The test occurred in a weight room, not on a practice field.  It doesn’t amount to a "drill" of any kind, but it provides important information about a player’s athletic abilities. The Falcons have partnered with Sparta Sports Science to develop a full-blown athletic performance program based on the "force plate" technology.

Falcons schedule biomechanical test, aptitude test with Clowney | ProFootballTalk
We have a little more information about the Falcons' trip to South Carolina on Friday to see star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. A league source tells PFT that the Falcons are going to see Clowney tomorrow, and they will give him a biomechanical assessment test and an aptitude test.

Misdemeanor charges considered for Aldon Smith of San Francisco 49ers - ESPN
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has referred Aldon Smith's airport arrest earlier this month to the Los Angeles city attorney's office for misdemeanor consideration.

Roger Goodell believes expanded playoffs could still be competitive - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that a proposal to expand the playoffs by two teams would not water down the postseason.

Longtime NFL quarterback Earl Morrall dies at 79 | ProFootballTalk
Earl Morrall, a quarterback who played for six different teams over 21 NFL seasons and helped get two different teams to the Super Bowl, has died at the age of 79.

Mara says replay reviews eventually could be conducted in command center | ProFootballTalk
For 2014, the NFL has decided to allow the league office to talk directly to the referee before and during a replay review.  The direct involvement of the league office could be the first step toward removing the replay function from the stadiums entirely.

Goodell says future timing of draft hasn’t been decided | ProFootballTalk
Good news, football fans.  The incursion of the draft into May may be only a one-year experiment. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tells Jeff Darlington of NFL Media that the timing of future drafts has not been determined.

League finds no violation with handling of Romo injury | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots aren't the only team that recently got good news from the league office regarding a potential violation of the injury-reporting rules.  The Cowboys, who inadvertently put themselves under the 345 Park Avenue microscope regarding Tony Romo's back injury, also received an all-clear from ...



VIDEO: Cameron Jordan talks about Rob Ryan's impact
Cameron Jordan speaks with reporters after visiting Morris Jeff Community School on Thursday, April 24, 2014. (New Orleans Saints video)

VIDEO: Terron Armstead and Tim Lelito at Airline Park
Terron Armstead and Guard Tim Lelito appear at a Junior Training Camp at Airline Park Academy on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 (New Orleans Saints video)

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