WAG'ing the draft

WAG standing for wild ass guess. Anyway, I was replying to some comment on some article when I did what I tend to do at times....take something and go totally long-winded about it while also jumping on to similar topics.

It's what I do.

So, I got into predicting, well guessing really, the Saints draft strategy or more to the point what looks like the plan on how the defense will operate this season. So, here we go:

The NFL's starting to turn (back,) to more a physical game. Guys like Dick Sherman, a slow 4.56 corner, but who can -hold- get his hands on a receiver are making a comeback. Give a guy like that solid safeties...ok, top of the league safeties; a FS taking care of the deep center field like Earl Thomas (hopefully Jarius Byrd,) and a SS who makes going across the middle a death wish (hopefully Kenny Vaccaro and all your corners have worry about is getting a hard bump at the line and defending the sidelines. Now add in a pass rush that can get to the QB from just a four man rush so you can drop your linebackers into coverage and all the corners have to do is defend about ten yards of field from sideline to hash. Wanna hear a secret? Take away Earl Thomas and Dick Sherman becomes Malcolm Jenkins at CB.

There's a reason Loomis did whatever it took to get Byrd and keep Bush. It's pretty clear the plan is to copy Seattle's backend. Think about Champ Bailey now, an icon, best of his generation corner who's only drawback is he's lost a step. Now instead of asking him to defend one side of the field from the LOS to the endsone, all he has to worry about is only ten or fifteen yards deep and about 6 yards across and that lost step isn't a problem anymore. All that's left to do is fine tune the front seven, namely linebackers. Say we're lucky and Victor Butler comes back and is the guy we hoped he'd be. The Beard isn't a liability if he's asked to drop into a zone. Put both guys in and either guy is a threat to blitz or drop off every play. If I'm right, the Saints biggest target in the draft is gonna be a athletic linebacker to stick next to Lofton, somebody who's got enough agility to shut off throwing lanes for the short routes between the tackle boxes and a sure handed tackler who can lay the boom on running backs.

Yes, I just described C.J. Mosley. Though the absolute dream come true perfect pick would Khalil Mack. Yeah, he's an outside guy but we've got Rob Ryan's crazy ass and he knows how to come up with ways to get the best players on the field in perfect places to make highlight reel plays. Maybe it's just me but I'd do a happy dance to climb up to snatch him even if it would be expensive....especially if it would be us jumping up right in front of the Atlanta Fails to snatch him up.

I can dream.

Mack, Mosley, maybe Shaker are really the only guys I see who might fit the bill at linebacker (Barr is a project pass rush specialist and we already have a pass rush specialist.) And that's the problem, only two maybe three players in the whole draft that could fit the bill on day one. So I say **** it. If the Saints would have to trade up to get one of these guys (and they'd have to,) go ahead and try to go waaaay up there and get the best. WIN NOW! That's the fun part about having a deep WR can wait till the third or fourth round and pick up somebody who could contribute something from the start. I don't think we'll have that kind of luxury at linebacker. Maybe even feed the LSULSULSUSECSECSEC homers and land on Landry. Yeah, I don't think he'll last that long either, but you never know. Teams might pass him since he looks like a slot receiver and had a bad combine 40 time. There's a lot to like about him. He's got first class hands and fights for the ball, willing to go over the middle, is a great route runner, he's a happy run blocker AND he can cover (not return, tackle,) on kicks. He kinda seems like a Lance Moore to me.

Go ahead, play the WAG the draft game. Maybe if you really apply yourself, you'll find yourself on the list.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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