Could Marques Colston and Pierre Thomas be on their way to Canton? (Part 1: Marques Colston)


Is "Quiet Storm" Preparing a "Quiet Ride" to Canton, Ohio?

The NFL is a big organization; a big organization with 32 teams, each of those teams at the very least having 40+ players. This leaves quite a bit of room for NFL players to be overlooked. Players who play in a small market -- like former Jaguar's running back Fred Taylor -- or great players who are constantly overshadowed by slightly better/popular players-- like Toby Gerhart was when he played as AP's backup -- never get the recognition they rightfully deserve.

It has become my belief that wide receiver Marques Colston, and running back Pierre Thomas share the same curse. It is not that they play in a small market (since fans of other teams love to tell us Saints fans that we have the most bandwagon fans -- although anyone with half a brain knows that the Patriots have the most bandwagon fans), it is just that they are overshadowed by equally amazing and more popular players like future HOF'er QB Drew Brees, and Prow Bowl Tight End Jimmy Graham.

Lets Take a look at Colston first, shall we?

Awards/highlight of career-

  • He currently holds the NFL record for most receptions within a player's first two seasons (which is 168)
  • Has and Ed Block Courage Award (2013)
  • Was The NFL offensive rookie of the month (October 2006)
  • Saints' All-Time leading Reciever



  • 70 Receptions
  • 1,033 yards
  • 8 Touchdowns
  • 14.8 Yards Per Reception


  • 98 receptions
  • 1,202 yards
  • 11 Touchdowns
  • 12.3 YDS per reception


  • 47 Receptions
  • 760 Yards
  • 5 TDS
  • 16.2 YDS per reception


  • 70 Receptions
  • 1,074 Yards
  • 9 TDs
  • 15.3 YDS per reception
  • Got Dat Superbowl Ring


  • 84 Receptions
  • 1,023 Yards
  • 7 TDs
  • 12.2 YDS per reception


  • 80 Receptions
  • 1,143 Yards
  • 8 TDS
  • 14.3 YDS per reception


  • 83 Receptions
  • 1,154 Yards
  • 10 TD's
  • 13.9 YDS per reception


  • 75 Receptions
  • 943 Yards
  • 5 TD's
  • 12.6 YDS per reception

Career Totals-

  • 607 Receptions
  • 8,337 Yards
  • 63 TD's
  • 13.7 YDS per reception

....Now lets compare those totals to HOF WR Michael Irvin by his 8th season

Michael Irvin- (8 Season Totals)

  • 527 Receptions
  • 8,538 Yards
  • 50 TD's
  • 16.9 YDS per Reception

Now let me ask you...would Colston be HOF worthy if he retired today?

Would he be HOF worthy if he made 1 Pro Bowl and possibly 1 more ring?

Would he be Canton-Bound if he played with the same consistency for at least 2 more years?

What do YOU think?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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