Accountability Index Update-After the Draft






Sep 20 2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

@Well of course he played at ‘Bama.@

Jan 13 2014

Alex Swift

Pierre Thomas is on the 2014 roster.

He is. Safely ensconced in the Saints backfield.

He's not going anywhere. Payton mentioned they considered drafting an RB but thought better of it.

Mar 9 2014


Sproles, Lance Moore and PT will not end up on another team's roster in 2014

You're 1 for 3, Hans. Clever hedging.

Good luck to Sproles and Lance except when they play the Saints.

Jan 14 2014


Saints will draft an offensive player in the first round.

Oh yeah. Cornerback? No. Offensive lineman? HA!

I'm not happy about the price they paid, but PayLoo got the guy they wanted in Cooks.

Feb 9 2014


The Saints will NOT draft an OL in the first round in 2014

Yeah that's what I said.

Even coldpizza's diaper needs a check. Conventional wisdom: "Gentlemen, we must protect Drew BREEES at all costs! Trade up if necessary!!"

Mar 17 2014


Will laugh when Saints draft an OL or the ‘Bama QB in round 1

What an odd scenario to come tumbling out of your head right on to the page here in front of Jesus1000 and everybody.

That was never going to happen but thanks for sharing the vision.

Mar 28 2014


Will be surprised if the Saints don't draft at least one offensive lineman

Please post a selfie of your arched eyebrows and gaping pie hole.

Oh, unless you're counting the unknown Wildcat tackle in the 6th round.

Jan 14 2014

Jan 21 2014



No way we lose Strief in 2014 except to injury.

Well mofos, he signed.

Jan 21 2014




Strief won't be back in 2014

He's BAAAACkk. Unless you want to double down and claim he won't make it through camp or something.

Dec 17 2013


Strief gone next year, too expensive as a free agent. DLP too.

DLP is gone. Strief gave the Saints a home town discount.

Here's hoping that Ship himself is preparing his own comeback to CSC.

Dec 31 2013


Thinks the OL needs shoring up and Grubbs is gassed

Chad's a Grubbs devaluer. And in need of a diaper check as well.

Apr 26 2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

Kenny, coming on strong like Brenda Lee... anybody? Bdog? Was she a go or no go?

Apr 25 2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

Uh huh. Year 1 should be causing you to blush at least a little.

Oct 26 2013

Jan 12 2014


Breesus Christ Superstar

Jimmy Graham will not be given WR money under the franchise tag.

Wher y'at, DNw?? BCS can't take the heat by hisself.

Jan 21 2014


Jimmy Graham will be franchise tagged

In retrospect, everyone is saying "duh". But it was not a done deal in January 2014.

But it is now. Good call.

Jan 21 2014


Does not expect a prolonged Jimmy Graham contract dispute

Satch, maybe you should have defined "prolonged". You mean Vincent Jackson prolonged or Drew Brees prolonged? Cause it's looking like Drew Brees prolonged.

Mar 1 2014


Jimmy Graham will be a Saint in 2014

2 first rounders plus top dollar? Nobody likes him THAT much.

Mar 1 2014

Mar 2 2014



Someone will offer two first round picks for Jimmy Graham under the non-exclusive franchise tag

I don't know about nonexclusive but this isn't going to happen regardless.

Jun 23 2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

Wait'll you get a load of 2014.

Jul 29 2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

2013 was still healing from 2012. I think he'll still be starting in 2016.

Jul 2 2013

Brian Gagnon

Bets that M Jenkins, Harper and W Smith all get the boot after 2013

Brian Gagnon Brian Gagnon, good call. Check that date: Jul 2013

At least I didn't call you Brain Gagnon. Almost did, though.

Jan 1 2014

Dan Kelly

Drew Brees throws for 5,500+ yards next year (2014)

Now do yards per reception considering Stills + Cooks: Could be crazy.

Aug 13 2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

He's signed through 2016. You mean he'll be broken because of poor pass protection? But we drafted the Wildcat tackle!

Dec 28 2013


Lance Moore is done as a Saint.

Called it on Dec 28.

Love Lance. He did a lot for not being a consistent starter. Good luck with Big Ben.

Jan 15 2014

Dec 30 2013



Lance Moore is under contract and goes nowhere in 2014

Unless you live in Pittsburgh, you were wrong.

It's hell getting old and Chad, you should know. (Ok I know it too. bc probably knows it as well.)

Jan 22 2014


Victor Butler won't cut it in 2014

I'm thinking Rob Ryan is counting on Butler. jeff will claim I misquoted him and I did but no one will care.

Feb 10 2014



No way that Michael Sam goes undrafted in 2014

Matt Yglesias @mattyglesias

Seems like the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year might have some promise in pro football.

RW: "He's not a linebacker, and he's really not a defensive end," an NFC personnel director said. An AFC exec added, "It's a tough fit when you're short and slow and a try-hard overachiever. That's the issue."

Feb 15 2014


Shayne Graham wins the kicker job in preseason and will kick for the Saints in 2014

Can't stand the redheaded kicker. Need some serious competition in camp.

Feb 16 2014


PayLoo draft a WR in round 1 or 2 in 2014

BOOM Feb 16

I didn't say "early" I said "1 or 2".

Feb 17 2014

J.R. Ella

The Saints will re-sign Jabari Greer in 2014

Jean-Baptiste claimed 33, Greer's uniform number. But that still could happen depending on his rehab.

Feb 17 2014

Dave Cariello

Jabari Greer won't play in the NFL for ANY team ever again.

That still could happen depending on his rehab.

Feb 18 2014


PayLoo do NOT draft a cornerback in round 1 this year

BOOM Feb 18

Bow down, you slugs

Feb 19 2014

Jon Oliver

PRob will score points in 2014

Healed wheels will help.

Mar 16 2014


Corey or PRob will be the starter in 2014

That is almost certainly not going to happen now. Over Champ Bailey? YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS

Mar 28 2014




PRob will have a much better season in 2014

Dan is not interested in finding out one way or the other. I mean really.

May 6 2014


Byrd is getting cut after this year no matter what

You know he went to Oregon and not ‘Bama, right? RIGHT?

Feb 28 2014

Jon Oliver

Louis Delmas won't start 16 games in 2014

Jon just said that because I love Louis Delmas.

Mar 19 2014


Louis Delmas won't start more than 11 games in 2014

I don't know what Frenchie's problem is.

Mar 8 2014


Louis Delmas will be our safety in 2014

Bath salts are legal in most of South America.

Mar 3 2014


$2M per year is enough to sign Steven Hauschka

It was if you kicked in a couple of extra million under the table.

3/17/2014: Signed a three-year, $9.15 million contract. The deal contains $3.35 million guaranteed.

Mar 5 2014

J.R. Ella

WR Odell Beckham will kill it in the return game and on special teams, will contribute more than many 1st round rookies, starter in 2015

Juan Rojo sneaks peeks at "Beckham is a good bet to make noise in year one, both as an outside receiver and home-run threat on returns."

Mar 17 2017


Bunkley won't play for the Saints in 2014 at his current contract

BOOM Mar 17. Unlike others, I came out and stated it plainly with no hedging, hemming or hawing. Apr 9- Saints NT Brodrick Bunkley has agreed to a pay cut, trimming his 2014 salary from $4.4 million to $1.3 million.

Mar 18 2014


FB Erik Lorig will get 30 carries this year (0 carries in 4 prior seasons)

Hans just wants to pack in a lot of Erik Lorig puns some of which I don't get.

Mar 22 2014


Look for the Saints to draft a Sproles replacement

russty is about to say "Brandin Cooks!" and I'm gonna say "WTF russty, really?" I don't get it. Lining up sometimes sort of where Sproles did is not a "replacement".

No. That did not happen.

Mar 23 2014


Russty doubles down: Sproles' role will absolutely be replaced by a drafted or UFA player, not a player currently on the roster

DeAnthony Thomas was never in the cards. UFA = your hope is being kept alive

Mar 24 2014

Apr 20 2014



No way no how do the Saints take a WR in round 1

Oh no, I'm so sorry. Do you remember which team you root for? Do you know of this guy named Sean Payton?

Well DO YOU? Mar 24 and Apr 20, they were in denial all the way to the end.

Mar 30 2014


Kyle Fuller will be a starter in the NFL maybe by 2015

"Starter"? Fuller will handle a ton of snaps even if he doesn't play in the "base" defense. It's also possible Fuller could play free safety on early downs, though that isn't confirmed. Either way, there are no playing-time concerns for Fuller. -May 9

Apr 23 2014


Steelers are a dumpster fire in 2014, 5-11 tops

There were disparaging comments made on their draft selections as well. Deservedly.

Apr 26 2014


the Saints biggest target in the draft is gonna be a athletic linebacker

I don't think 4th round can qualify as "biggest target".

But I did like the idea better than a cornerback. You're a Victor Butler devaluer just like jeff.

May 4 2014


Johnny Manziel will be the first QB taken, well before the 16th pick

Johnny "Touchdown" Football hype was way over the top and I got sucked in. Wrong and Wrong.

Bortles went at 3, Manziel at 22. Now known as Johnny Cleveland.

May 4 2014


Beginning at 20, the Saints trade up to get one of Shazier, Mosely , lee or Cooks

Holy crap that's amazing. I'd like to try some of that peyote, BDDD. Best prediction of 2014 by far.

Cooks at #20 in a trade up from #27 with the Cardinals.

May 4 2014


There's no doubt we will trade up but it'll probably be in the second or third

I'm wrong again. I really didn't think they'd trade up or down at all.

Payton hinted that they considered trading back into the 3rd round.

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