Evaluating the Draft from MY Perspective

I have all the respect in the world for Sean Peyton and Mickey Loomis, but we all make mistakes (remember Sullivan). The problem is this was not the year the Saints could afford mistakes. With the Saints so strapped against the cap, the draft was the only place they could fill their holes.

I have no problem with Brandon Cooks as a player, but I just look at how the draft shaped up and see where the Saints could have killed it. As it is the Saints did a lot of settling. I hope I'm wrong, but as the offensive stands today Drew is going to get killed.

This is not a draft of errors, but a draft of missed opportunities.

1. Brandon Cooks was the fastest player at the combines. He has great hands and vertical leap. However, he's short and light. Additionally, on a team with Colston and Stills, the best he is going to be is the third wr. Last year the Saints used primely the two te set. Cooks may be on the field 50% of the snaps, more likely 35% like Meachem last year. So the Saints traded two draft picks for a backup. Grade of player A, grade of pick for helping the Saints win D-

2. Stanley Jean-Baptiste is the protypical cb. I had him in my mock draft in the third round, but they had to reach for him in the second round, because they had no third round pick. Grade of player B, grade of pick C-

4. Khari Fortt is a cover guy at olb. He is not a pass rusher and with Rob Ryan's defense they needed a pass rusher. Additionally this guy has a terrible injury history and was graded by most draft experts as a UFA. At best he is a special teams player. Grade of pick D-

5. Vinnie Sunsei, of all the picks this makes the least since. You already have three starting level safeties, so why pick a guy who at best is going to be your 4th safety, though I don't see this guy beating out Ball. How many safeties do they plan on keeping? Grade as a player C+ as a winning pick F

5. Ronald Powell, the best pick in the draft for the Saints. A tweener at 6'3" and 237 with 4.6 speed. A good pass rusher, who can play from the three point stance. He needs some coaching, but has a lot of upside potential. A projected 3rd round pick. Grade A

6. Tavon Rooks, another player who was not on many boards as a seventh rounder. This guy would have been available as a UFA. Wasted pick. Grade F

Overall grade D

I see only three players even making the final roster, Cooks, Jean-Baptiste and Powell. The rest are camp fodder.

Now this is what I mean by missed opportunity:

1. Trade to Minnesota for 2nd and 3rd.

2. Trade Minnesota 2nd and 4th round pick to Houston for second pick

3. Draft Su'a-Filo g UCLA

4. With original second round pick take Marcus Martin c USC

5. First third round pick Stanley Jean-Baptiste

6. Second third round pick Carl Bradford olb BYU

7. First fifth round pick Jared Abbrederis wr Wisconsin

8. Second fifth round pick Ronald Powell

9. Sixth round pick Storm Johnson rb/kr UCF

This is how I would have done it. It's just my opinion for what that's worth.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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