Saints Offensive Line Are Not Too Worried About Not Having A Center. So Why Are You?

Yeah yeah I know this will be in the FDL's later today, but we have AWOLs, skippers, skimmers, assorted diaper crappers, OL truthers, and those who haven't yet found another topic to be self-righteously indignant about regarding PayLoo's negligence in managing their roster, so I think this deserves a fanshot.

We don't have access to the players, coaches or front office to ask them about this so we have to depend on the beat writers to do it and

Katherine Terrell finally did here.

Some common perceptions are corrected as they apply to the Saints:

Isn't the center the most important player on the line, because he understands the offense and makes blocking assignment adjustments after they line up? You can't trust that to a rookie!

No. De le Puente came off the practice squad and played adequately, because Drew BREEEESSS takes care of that task for the Saints. It seems, if you look at the history, that PayLoo do not value the center position all that much. In 2011 they gave the job to Olin Kreutz, an emotionally troubled old man, who promptly gave it back to them. It seems that PayLoo don't really need an All Pro center to run this offense effectively.

What about Lelito? He's essentially untried, isn't he? Isn't his only game experience at guard? Isn't that a big risk?

No. And what stinks? Anyway, Lelito practices at center. He has apparently shown enough in practice to be the entry level starter at center for 2014. The Saints signed some kid from the same farm college in West Virginia that Lelito came out of, plus there is the Jon Goodwin option (he's holding out for more money that isn't going to come) and some various castoffs and shoulda beens that will be trotted into tryouts and camp in case one of them is an unwashed diamond with more potential than Lelito. Or maybe more bench depth, if that's needed.

But but but but I'm just not COMFORTABLE with this! Isn't there some way we can shore up the center position?

Yes. And good God, did I step in dog s***? Wow. It really smells. Anyway, the center position will be solidified. Maybe not as soon as everyone would want, me included, but before game one. Still not convinced? Check out the Zach Strief quote about Lelito: "It's an opportunity for a young guy to step up, and if not I'm sure they'll bring in a real good veteran for us and we'll be just fine."

The offensive line, center in particular, is a real position of need. It's a concern, a real concern.

I think we all have better things to worry about. Like if PRob is going to vie for the #2 CB slot, right Dan? I mean Jesus1000, no one can argue with that at this point.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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