My Observations from Thursday's Saints Minicamp Practice

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry I'm a little late, I had errands to run after practice and the NBA Finals to watch that day and Friday I went to get my back, knee, and shoulder readjusted so I wasn't a happy camper.

Here's what I saw:

1. Whoever is the scout for our running-backs should get a raise asap. All of the backs made great plays (Cadet and Strozier made the most plays out of all of them) and were sound assignment-wise (the only guy who was quite was Pierre) . It's a bummer we can't keep all of them.

2. I was really curious to see how Butler would look coming off his knee surgery. I remember last year he really stood out to me in the practice I went to, making plays and being around the ball a lot. He has no brace, looks explosive, and I can safely say he is back and going to make an impact.

3. Our buddy Brandon Coleman. I kept a close eye on him the whole practice. After seeing how nice and genuine he was during Dave's interview, you have to pull for the guy. I think it's safe to say the he has the same effect on his teammates. Colston, Meachem, Tanner (who had a nice day too), and even some defensive players were consonantly giving him love and advising him after play, both good and bad. He had more good plays than bad, but two missed assignments and a drop (poor pass from #5) were the negative. One thing I'll note about him and his drive to get better, During punt return drills, his first go around was not sound technique-wise and the coach and his defensive teammate calmly corrected him. The period was almost over and he cut the next guy in line to get it right. I really thought that was something great to see.

4. Our defensive back. I think the influx of talent is really showing. Kenny V is hitting people out there without pads (sidenote: his legs are as thick as Streif's), Bush is solid on the back end, and the corners have really impressed me despite all the questions we had about them. And all this was with Byrd, I'll remind you. But...

5. Our interior linebackers concern me. They were easily swallowed by play design, didn't make an impact in the passing game, and and other than Hawthorne making a play on the the ballcarrier didn't look to impressive.

6. Rufus Johnson - ugh. He is so talented, yet just doesn't get it. Drawn offsides 1-2 times, gave up on plays, and and just seems overwhelmed.

7. Nick Toon is once again making plays, but I'm still not convinced. He doesn't run good routes, always has to adjust to the ball, and doesn't seem to have the urgency you want from a guy who had the year he had last year. I hope he proves me wrong.

8. Lastly, Ryan Griffin is a pretty good QB. I think he'll beat out McCown.

I hope y'all enjoyed this and maybe if you did I'll try to write a little more. I'll leave you with a list of players I'll be keeping an eye on (other than our usually favorites):

4 - Griffin

16 - Coleman

33 - Jean-Baptiste

40 - Flanders

48 - Strozler

52 - Reddick

59 - Johnson

90 - Butler

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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