Guess Who I Am? Week 18

Hello again Who Dat Nation! It is now time for Week 17 of Guess Who I Am? I would like to thank all of those who are participating and I hope you enjoy the game. It is now time to reveal the answer from last week. And the answer is... Fred Mcafee! Congratulations to metryman for correctly guessing first!

Bonus Answers:

Bonus #1:

McAfee, Steve Gleason, Kevin Houser, Joe Horn, Fred Thomas, Willie Whitehead

Bonus #2:
Darren Howard

Bonus #3:


It's now time to start this week's challenge. I would also like to remind you to please black out your answers. Ready? Let's go!

1. I was drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft

2. I am a 3x Pro Bowler and 3x All Pro

3. I have a career total of 545 tackles, 32 pass deflections and 15 interceptions

4. This is not a hint. Just a reminder to please black out your answers

As always your feedback is valued and wanted. All rules still apply of....
1. The first person to get the answer right would get five points. Everyone else would get two.
2. You can only choose your answer once. Any other answers will not be recognized.
3. You never lose points and you do not have to participate every time.
4. NO using the internet to get help.

Since Hans has inspired me to put some bonus points up for grabs, I have come up with three different bonuses for everybody.

Bonus #1:
If you correctly guessed the player above, I will give you 1 bonus point for each question if you can successfully tell me the pick of the first round this player was taken in and the college he came from.

Bonus #2:
For 2 more points, tell me what this player's team secondary tandem collectively calls themselves since 2012. I didn't know this until looking up this player myself, but I am interested in knowing if you guys do.

Bonus #3:
For two points, tell me what year Thomas Morstead was drafted and which college he was drafted out of.


1. whodatcoreydat- 44 points

2. N_O_1saintfan- 42 points

3.(tie) metryman- 39 points

3.(tie) Alex Swift- 39 points

5. mississippisaintsfan- 35 points

6. Hans Petersen- 30 points

7. BlackandGold4ever- 25 points

8. (tie) Ryan Edwards- 19 points

8. (tie) Letloosethedogsofwar- 19 points

8. (tie) Khannar- 19 points

11. SaintsWonSBXLIV- 12 points

12. GatorNRedStick406- 8 points

13. Saintsfan75- 6 points

14.(tie) BRSaintsFan- 4 points

14.(tie) Dan Kelly- 4 points

14.(tie) au-equus- 4 points

17. BewareofDog- 2 points

18. HWY90- 0 points

If there is any mistake please feel free to let me know. N_O_1saintfan I only gave you half credit since you did get help, but I figured that you must have been able to get some, so I gave you points anyways. I also gave you 4 bonus points Hans for your help last week. Thanks again!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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