Top 10 NFL Twitter Parodies!

Today I'm going to be counting down the top ten NFL parodies.

10. Drunk Roger Goodell (@FakeCommish)

This twitter provides the world with humorous comments about the world of sports. Although this account does not really take up the personality of Roger Goodell; It is still extremely entertaining to your average sports fan.It's tweets are funny things about what's happening currently in sports for example during the NBA playoffs it tweeted about the NBA playoffs and in march it made jokes about the march madness .

The majority of the tweets off this account are enjoyable, but personally I love the tweets about the NFL. Here is a random one that I found some what amusing when I came across it: "Today marks the 34th year since one of the most tragic events in the history of America. The birth of Tony Romo..." Let's be honest here who isnt a sucker for Tony Romo jokes. This account is certainly worth a follow if you just plain love funny tweets about the sports world.

9. Boring Cam Newton (@BoringNewton)

This is my dark horse on this list and I'm not talking about the Katy Perry song. This twitter has the potential to become a popular account because of they way it captivates readers. I only know about this twitter because it followed my personal account but I'm happy it did because it has entertained me. Despite it's low follower count I do believe this is one of the funniest NFL parodies out there.

This account takes up the personality of Cam Newton and describes events in his life in a ironically boring, funny way. This account is similar to Boring Jabari Parker. Here is an example of one of his tweets: "Waffles are probably the craziest thing ever. They're like pancakes with little dents in them. Whoever created them must've been pretty wacky." I don't know I just find this account pretty humorous and in my opinion is definitely worth a follow.

8.Evil Mike Tomlin (@EvilMikeTomlin)

This account is probably the most original idea on this list. There are plenty of ego and fake twitters for people. But I have seen very few "evil" twitters. Regardless this account is very funny. A lot of the jokes revolve around the Steelers rivals, the Ravens, they are all amusing and quite entertaining.

This account not only provides the world with funny tweets; it also provides the world with funny shirts. Shirts that say things like: "There's always next season" in Cleveland's colors and "Ray Lewis killed a guy" that one is pretty self explanatory. Here's a random tweet off the account: "Slow sports night, so here's a joke: Joe Flacco." This tweet is fairly humorous although I think Ravens fans would disagree. Once again I believe this twitter is definitely worth a follow for any NFL fan.

7. Not Tony Romo (@not_romo)

As I mentioned above everybody loves Tony Romo jokes. This twitter makes Tony Romo jokes as well as other Cowboys jokes. They are all fairly funny. This account also tweets other humorous things about the world of sports similar to the Drunk Roger Goodell account. The only problem with this account is I have seen some of the content before.

Part of the reason I love this account is that is takes the personality of Tony Romo and makes jokes about him. What? That's unheard of. I know that's what makes this account so unique. An example of this is: "Chris Johnson thinks he can get 2,000 yards this season.Yeah, and I'm throwing 0 interceptions." That's a funny joke the only way Romo throws 0 interceptions is if he gets a season ending injury in the first game. Another account worth following.

6. Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden)

This account is extremely funny and tweets about the whole sports world. About half of the tweets are supposed to be from the perspective of John Madden although it doesn't really matter because they're jokes that don't necessarily revolve around him. However they are still humorous jokes that may involve his former teams such as theRaiders.

Here are my randomly selected tweets from this account: "Coming up on a special 8-hour SportsCenter: The LeBron James block." Oh SportsCenter jokes... Another randomly selected tweet is: "Someone put the bat signal out for Landon Donovan." Tweets about soccer.. Neither of the examples I provided show the John Madden persona but that's only because it's not football season so there aren't too many tweets like that. This account covers all sports which is certainly a plus so you should check it out.

5. Not Johnny Manziel (@JohnnyFootball)

This twitter is phenomenal. This account makes hilarious jokes about Johnny Manziel and his huge ego. The majority of the tweets are just making fun of his A-hole mentality. He may be a great player but he has an ego that is larger than Mount Everest.

This is certainly one of the best NFL parody accounts. Here are some funny examples of tweets off this account: "Josh Gordon smokes some weed & he gets suspended for the whole season. Ray Rice gets filmed assaulting his wife & he gets a few games? smh." Also there's this: "Coach sent Brian Hoyer to welcome me to the team. I told that f**k boy ‘b***h I am the team' spit in his face and started my Benz #Swerve." That tweet exactly except without the slight censorship I added. Overall this is a great twitter and I highly recommend following it.

4. The Fake ESPN (@TheFakeESPN)

I'll be completely honest with you guys I love this twitter. This account covers everything in the sports world. It is fantastic. Similar to the Onion sports network except this account is mocking everything ESPN and it is great. There are so many things to be mocked at ESPN and this twitter does it all.

Some of their "stories" are manly and may or may not involve the bodies of women. Here are some randomly selected tweets off this account "USA's draw with Portugal finally dethrones Phillip Rivers' bolo as the worst tie in American sports." Here I'll break this one down for all the people who don't get it. Tie as in the tie Philip Riverswore and Tie as an even score. All the people who did not understand that joke. You are welcome for the breakdown. Another example is: "Heat fans not sure if they're supposed to buy USA or Portugal jerseys now." Check this account out for sure.

3. Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead)

Here come two ego twitters. We will start off with Peyton's Head. This twitter is extremely humorous and makes one of the least arrogant players seem very arrogant. This twitter is not all tweets from the perspective of Manning it also has funny tweets from around the sport's world.

This account is incredible and I highly recommend following it. Of course I will give you guys two random examples of tweets: "Manning to anybody. RT @Vikings What's better than Cassel to Patterson?." That tweet's pretty self explanatory. Simple and Funny that's how I like them. One more example is: "OMG...I just realized I'm following Kanye West. I really need to stop drinking." Classic Kanye comedy. This account has even been on news networks for it's humor I highly recommend following it.

2.Tom Brady's Ego (@TomBradysEgo)

This twitter is superbly executed. The tweets are all humorous. This account makes Tom Brady's ego look like Johnny Manziel's. The best part about that comparison is that Johnny Manziel tweeted at that account thinking it was the real Tom Brady. Regardless this twitter is amazing.

Of course this account acts like it is the real Tom Brady. Except it adds a nice cockyness which I love and think helps make this one of the funniest twitters. Here are the examples from this account: "Yeah, I have a copy of the Jets playbook. I use it to wipe my a*s everytime I take a dump." Of course without the censorship. Another example is: "ESPN is correct I'm not elite. I'm a legend." Oh lord it may just be my sense of humor but I think this account is fantastic.

1. Play 60 Kid (@NatePlay60)

Hopefully everybody knows the Play 60 commercial with Nate. If you do not know what I'm talking about or need a refresher here's a link: I think the commercial alone is pretty funny and now there is a parody account for the kid and it is hilarious.

This account takes up the persona of Nate and it is very funny. It covers all sports which is a plus. This twitter might be my favorite overall twitter. Here are some randomly selected tweets: "Aaron Hernandez is on a 3 kill streak, 2 more and he can call in a predator missile." Aaron Hernandez so much wasted talent... Another one is: "The Heat are playing sloppier than my handwriting." Nate better work on that handwriting for when he signs his contract with the Panthers some day. The final example for this account is: "Scraped my knee on the playground today. Good thing I'm not Derrick Rose, or I'd be out for the year." Oh injury jokes. Overall out of all the accounts listed I recommend this account the most so definitely follow it.

All those account are certainly worth a follow but the real reason I wrote this post is to improve my writing skills. I'll be completely honest my grammar is awful and I recently got hired for a new job. The new job I got hired for requires more writing than I would like so I thought I would get some practice in. All feedback is appreciated. If this post gets positive feedback I may do another top 10 post. If I do another top 10 post; What would you guys like me to rank?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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