Guess Who I Am? Week 17

Hello again Who Dat Nation! It is now time for Week 17 of Guess Who I Am? With your guest host, Hans of the Dat.

I would like to thank all of those who are participating and I hope you enjoy the game. It is now time to reveal the answer from last week. And the answer is... Jared Allen! Congratulations to whodatcoreydat for correctly guessing first!

It's now time to start this week's challenge. I would also like to remind you to please black out your answers. Ready? Let's go!

1. I was drafted by the Saints in the 6th round of 1991, and led the team in rushing that year.
2. I played for the Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers during my 16-year NFL playing career.
3. I am one of six players who was on the roster of both the 2000 & 2006 playoff game-winning Saints teams.
4. This is not a hint. Just a reminder to please black out your answers

As always your feedback is valued and wanted. All rules still apply of....
1. The first person to get the answer right would get five points. Everyone else would get two.
2. You can only choose your answer once. Any other answers will not be recognized.
3. You never lose points and you do not have to participate every time.
4. NO using the internet to get help.

With the combo of Legs handing me the reins YET AGAIN, and me coming up with an area of Saints history so absolutely pregnant with possibility (thanks to the ever-helpful BewareofDog and stujo4), I have decided to add some bonus questions to help some of those in "first place for losers" try and gain ground on the current leader, N_O_1saintfan, or allow her to pad her lead. Don't forget to black out your answers, don't you dare look anything up, and there are no bonuses handed out for being first with any of these answers.

Bonus #1:
First, you can receive ONE EXTRA POINT for each of those six players (from clue #3) whom you are able to correctly identify. Maximum of five points available here if you already guessed the original challenge correctly, so no double-dipping!!

Bonus #2:
For TWO POINTS - I played in both of those Saints playoff wins, but in 2000 I was a Saint, and in 2006 was a Philadelphia (F*** Da) Eagle(s). Who Am I?

Bonus #3:
For another TWO POINTS - I played in both of those playoff games for the Saints and also appeared on the TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Who the Eff Am I?

1. N_O_1saintfan- 36 points
2. metryman- 34 points
3. whodatcoreydat- 33 points
4. mississippisaintsfan- 31 points
5. Alex Swift- 30 points
6. Hans Petersen- 26 points
7. BlackandGold4ever- 25 points
8. (tie) Ryan Edwards- 19 points
8. (tie) Letloosethedogsofwar- 19 points
8. (tie) Khannar- 19 points
11. SaintsWonSBXLIV- 10 points
12. GatorNRedStick406- 8 points
13. Saintsfan75- 6 points
14.(tie) BRSaintsFan- 4 points
14.(tie) Dan Kelly- 4 points
14.(tie) au-equus- 4 points
17. BewareofDog- 2 points
18. HWY90- 0 points

If there is any mistake please feel free to let me know.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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