The Next Drew Brees?


Interview with completely underrated QB prospect, Lehigh University QB, Chris Lum. He threw for over 4000 yards, 68% completion, and over 30 touchdowns during his senior season. He compares his game to Drew Brees and he also looks up to him too. Would you be interested in drafting him?

NFL doing players a disservice by expanding Thursday night schedule - Richard Rothschild -

Shouldn't players' health be a concern? Don't they deserve a full week's rest rather than be treated as props for a TV production that pleases viewers at the expense of health and quality of play. These are not gladiators hired for the amusement of emperors. Thursday night football makes the NFL become even more of a game for fans at home with less concern for the players on the field and the fans in the stadium.

2012 NFL Ultimate Mock Draft


I'm pleasantly surprised that Jimmy Graham and not Gronkowski was drafted in the first round 4. Cleveland Browns – Drew Brees, QB: Just what Saints fans need: More bad news. Fortunately, this is of the hypothetical variety, but given Brees' contentious contract situation, the thought of the franchise's locker-room leader not being in the fold hits a little close to home. In this case, after drafting the exceptionally productive passer, Browns owner Randy Lerner is happy to fork over a massive contract; considering that he paid team president Mike Holmgren a reported $50 million to come to Cleveland in December 2009, a nine-figure deal for Brees seems like a relative bargain. 27. New Orleans Saints – Ray Rice, RB: With soon-to-be-suspended general manager Mickey Loomis presiding over the team's War Room – and banished coach Sean Payton popping in via hologram, Tupac-style – the Saints give their fan base a reason to smile. Rice is a resplendent runner who'd make an already prolific offense even tougher to contain, despite the fact that Payton won't be around to run it in 2012. One slight snag: Rice, like Brees, is seeking a long-term deal and has yet to sign his franchise tender. On a positive note, he ought to be able to cash in on a red beans and Rice endorsement from one of NOLA's many awesome eateries. 28. Green Bay Packers – Jimmy Graham, TE: Yeah, I know: general manager Ted Thompson needs a quarterback to replace Rodgers. No, Brett Favre, that phone won't be ringing … and no, Thompson isn't drafting Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman or any other signal-caller. Instead, he sticks to his best-player-available philosophy and takes Graham, who blossomed into a star during his second season in New Orleans. Back in the Saints' War Room, the Payton hologram just removed his shirt in disgust.

Florio goes off the speculation deep end


He suggests that Payton should coach Arkansas this year. For Payton, that could be the best way to fill the void in his life — and the best way to avoid the temptation of constantly communicating in 2012 with men like Drew Brees and Joe Vitt, in defiance of the terms of Payton’s suspension. It pains me to link to a post of his, but this was too ridiculous not to share.Why would Arkansas want a one-year replacement like this and a man with no familiarity with their program and probably little familiarity with college football in general?

So Pay the Man Already!!!


Now, while I wouldn't say...then again maybe I would,Drew is the only thing the Saints have going for them, I agree with the sentiment. Finally a CBS correspondent who gets it.

A Q & A Session with Sean Pamphilon


Sean Pamphilon takes great care to vouch for his "moral imperatives" and ethical character. Methinks he doth protest too much... Thoughts?

Malcom Jenkins talks about Vitt being head coach and Brees' contract


Malcom Jenkins talks about Vitt being head coach and Brees' contract

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