HansDat's Hot Reads

Saints vs. Bucs: HansDat's Hot Reads


For the New Orleans Saints to win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Sean Payton must get his groove back, and they need to protect Drew Brees, step up or step down and bow out, and keep the...

HansDat's Saints-Bucs Hot Reads: Keys to Victory


Protecting Drew Brees, Josh Freeman's Free Fall, Caging the Hamster, and Sean Payton's Poise will all factor into how the game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers plays out today.

Saints-Falcons Hot Reads: Protect Brees!


The Saints must protect Drew Brees, slow Steven Jackson, tackle on the back end, and melt Matt Ryan's confidence to win today's NFL opener against the Falcons.

Hot Reads: Keys to the Saints-Texans Game


HansDat's Hot Reads are back for Week 3 of the 2013 preseason to tell YOU what to watch for as the New Saints are in Houston to take on the Texans.

HansDat's Hot Reads: Keys to the Raiders Game


Want to know what Hans will be watching for in this week's preseason game against the Raiders? Dive into HansDat's Hot Reads to find out!

HansDat's Hot Reads: Here Come the Chiefs!


Dive right in to see what Yours Truly will be watching for in the Saints-Chiefs game tonight.

HansDat's Saints-Panthers Hot Reads: Cat's Cradle


In order to skin the Carolina Panthers today, the New Orleans Saints are going to need to: come up with some third down shutdowns and red zone rejections, keep Drew Brees on target, and win the...

Saints @ Cowboys: HansDat's Hot Reads


I'm looking for Romolicious gift interceptions, early scores, a plethora of penalty-free drives, and heady play from the backup safeties to lead the New Orleans Saints to victory over the Dallas...

Saints-Bucs Hot Reads: Shiver Their Timbers!


The New Orleans Saints must come together, run all the red lights in the red zone, make a special delivery on special teams, and match one good turn(over) with another to beat the Tampa Bay...

Saints @ Giants Hot Reads: Protect Us, Breesus!


To beat the New York Giants today, the New Orleans Saints need Brees to protect US this time, to run with abandon, to get smart, and for NCMFers to be PCMFers.


HansDat's Hot Reads: Broken Wings, Broken Dreams


How will the Saints beat the Falcons tonight? With Brees bouncing back, early scores to silence the late-arriving crowd, short-yardage success to sustain drives, and converting clutch catches.

Saints-49ers Hot Reads: Stop the Gold Rush!


My five-part plan for beating the 49ers includes: protecting Drew Brees and slowing the Niners' ground game, securing the ball, making defensive plays late, and winning the quarterback duel.

HansDat's Hot Reads: Saints Keys To Victory


The Gameday Gumbo recipe for a Saints win over the Falcons today includes: a protected Drew Brees, a Falcons skill set reduction, a taking away of their takeaways, and no 'three and outs' by the...

Saints vs. Eagles HansDats Hot Reads: Dome of Doom


This week's Hot Reads call for the Saints to win by protecting Brees like an endangered species, victimizing Michael Vick, hosting a special appearance by the Saints' special teams, and a...

Saints/Broncos Hot Reads: Score More in the Fourth


To win tonight against the Broncos, HansDat's Hot Reads call for the Saints to score more in the fourth, mount Rushmore Academy, protect Drew Brees, and stand up on third down.

Frakking Freeman: Saints vs. Buccaneers Hot Reads


Frakking Freeman, big time receivers, and a rookie vs. a lame duck interim-interim head coach are among HansDat's Hot Reads for a New Orleans Saints victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What are...

Hot Reads Review: Drew, Devery Break Record


How did HansDat's Hot Reads turn out in the New Orleans Saints' historic 31-24 win over the San Diego Chargers? Not as well as I thought they would in a victory.

Saints vs. Chargers: HansDat's Hot Reads


Run through HansDat's progression of reads to see what the Saints need to do to defeat the Chargers Sunday night in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

A Review of HansDat's Hot Reads


You're in the right place to find out just how HansDat's Hot Reads played out in the New Orleans Saints' loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Saints vs. Packers: HansDat's Hot Reads


What will it take for the Saints to upend the Packers in Lambeau? A perfect Drew Brees, big-play paydays in the passing game, a good Will Herring, and a Toto-riffic defense that holds the line.

A Review of HansDat's Hot Reads


Want to know EXACTLY how the New Orleans Saints blew it against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday? Check out this breakdown of HansDat's Hot Reads from the Saints' 27-24 overtime loss.

Saints 27, Panthers 35: A Review of HansDat's Hot Reads


You read them on Sunday, and now it's time to get the Wednesday review of them. Bring it here to see just how HansDat's Hot Reads played out in the New Orleans Saints' 35-27 loss to the Carolina...

Saints vs. Redskins: HansDat's Hot Reads


HansDat's Hot Reads are here! Check out what Hans thinks it will take for the New Orleans Saints to defeat the Washington Redskins in their 2012 NFL season opener.

Saints @ Titans: HansDat's Hot Reads


HansDat's Hot Reads. Come on in to check out what HansDat is looking for in tonight's preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and the Tennessee Titans.

Texans vs. Saints: HansDat's Hot Reads


HansDat's Hot Reads: One fan's list of things to watch for in tonight's Saints-Texans preseason game.

Jaguars 27 @ Saints 24: A Review of HansDat's Hot Reads


Come to Canal Street Chronicles for HansDat's Hot Reads breakdown from the Jacksonville Jaguars' 27-24 win over the New Orleans Saints in NFL preseason action on Friday night.

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