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Your Kicking Game Update

The decision will be made after practice. The Saints interviewed Vanderjagt, Gramatica, Billy Cundiff, Josh Huston, former Green Wave kicker Seth Marler and some other dudes.

It sounds like Payton intends to keep Mare:

Obviously, it's something where we've got to see where he's at (today). [...] We worked out six or seven guys. We need to have a plan if (Mare) is not able to go. We'll get a better feel (today). We wanted to hold him (Wednesday) both in kicking off and field goals.

"I think we've got to get a real good handle on where we're at by (today). We'll see. The plan is to see how he does and make a decision.

Update [2007-10-11 16:34:36 by Sunil]:: It's Mare.