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To Recap, the Saints' New Kicker is ... Olindo Mare

Y'know this 0-4 start has really given Saints fans a healthy bloodlust. After all, when our team performs poorly on the field, it reflects on us as a fanbase, as a family, really. And when somebody brings shame and dishonor on our family ... well there's only one way to get that back. Mortal Kombat.

So it may disappoint some of you that Olindo Mare is not only keeping his head (or leg, for that matter), he's keeping his job. After all, if John Carney could miss an extra point after the River City Relay and become beloved ...

Feel the surge of hatred ... feel the RAGE!!!!

... then Mare can miss a couple of kicks against Carolina and remain the Saints' kicker.

Perhaps we should placate ourselves with simpler fare:

I came here to talk about children in places such as South Africa and the Iraq, dammit.