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Game #5 Open Thread: Saints vs. Seahawks

Saints at Seahawks (-6.5): 8:15 PM EST, Qwest Field, NBC
Off. Ypg (Rank) Off. PPG (rank) Def. YPG (Rank) Def. PPG (Rank)
Saints 307.3 (22) 12.8 (30) 327.3 (16) 29.8 (29)
Seahawks 312.0 (21) 17.4 (22) 330.6 (19) 14.8 (7)

The Saints' quest for a win takes them to Seattle, WA, home of the Seahawks. While the Seahawks have fallen off since their Superbowl season of 2005, they still present a formidable challenge. The fans at Qwest field provide the Seahawks with a pronounced home field advantage. Combine this with a Sunday Night (Football Night in America) atmosphere and the Saints must work especially hard for their first win. But the Seahawks are a flawed team and the Saints are due.

I'm moving this week, hence the sporadic posting. I promise to stop neglecting you next week. You probably didn't even notice I was gone. Heartless.

Go Saints.