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Saints 28, Seahawks 17

For a night, anyways, the Saints were who we thought they were. The offense hummed through the first half -- mostly driven by a fantastic performance by the line. That's two good weeks in a row for both lines. Defensively, they brought an impressive blitz package to Seattle. 5 sacks and a pick: a great effort.

If this game marks the start of a resurgence, the story will naturally be focused on the symmetry between Pierre Thomas' touchdown and Steve Gleason's blocked punt against Atlanta. But the roots of this win were in the bye week and the Week 5 game against Carolina. The Saints appeared to sort out their line issues during the week off. Though they didn't result in a win against Carolina, the team moved the ball well, while holding the Panthers' offense down. This week, they clearly built on that progress.

How about those young safeties? That's how they should be playing every week!

I'm a bit concerned about the playcalling in the 2nd half; Payton clearly took his foot off the accelerator. But beggars can't be choosers. Brees is my MVP.