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First Look: The 49ers

I had a chance -- and by chance I mean the NFL territorial restrictions -- to watch the Giants-Niners game on Sunday. The Giants blitzed the Niners into submission, forcing six sacks, two interceptions and two lost fumbles (all by Trent Dilfer). Particularly, Osi Umenyiora had a fantastic game against left tackle Jonas Jennings. But the Giants brought pressure from all angles, including several blitzes by members of their secondary. This is precisely the gameplan that the Saints should use.

The Niners have dropped their past four games, scoring 16, 3, 7 and 15 consecutively. Granted those games have come against Pittsburgh, Seattle, Baltimore and the Giants, but the Saints are certainly capable of limiting San Francisco's yardage and forcing a few turnovers. It's gotten so bad in San Francisco that Frank Gore criticized his offensive coordinator.

The Niners defense has suffered during this stretch, allowing 37, 23, 9 and 33 points over this stretch. Obviously, the Baltimore game seems like an anomaly, but consider the rushing totals over the stretch: 205 to Pittsburgh, 93 to Seattle, 101 to Baltimore and 140 to the Giants. The Niners seem vulnerable against the ground game. The Saints are certainly capable of exploiting this.

Running the ball and putting pressure on the quarterback ... it's old school but it may just work.