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TGIF used to mean Urkel ...

Now it means a bullet-pointed update.

  • Drew Brees and Reggie Bush have strong ties to the San Diego area. Brees' house was in danger but is apparently safe; Bush's family still resides in the area (perhaps infamously), though he refused comment. I think we all send our best wishes and hopes to the residents of the greater San Diego area.
  • INJURY UPDATES: Brian Young had fluid drained from his knee. He is expected to play. Jeff Faine's pectoral muscle is torn; from the sound of it, he will miss Sunday's game (read more). Jason David will play on Sunday wearing a soft cast.
  • Per Football Outsiders: San Francisco ranks dead last offensively in DVOA, last in passing and 21st in rushing. Their top receiver is Darrell Jackson, who ranks 58th (of 71 ranked players) in individual DVOA. Their second receiver, Arnaz Battle, ranks 62nd. This isn't a bad game for Jason David to return, given the seeming ineptitude of the 49ers passing game. I said the same thing about the Titans.