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Saints 10, Texans 23

I'm reminded of an exchange from Bull Durham:

Manager: What's our record?
Coach: 8-16.
Manager: How'd we win 8?

How'd the Saints win four consecutive games this season? Two weeks seem like an eternity ago.

The first three minutes of that game really summed up the season for me. Something good happens, Saints get some momentum, Texans hit a huge play against the criminally inept Jason David and Josh Bullocks, Saints are trailing.

After Colston, the receivers combined for four catches and forty yards. Part of it is that Brees won't go downfield, but are the receivers open? Remind me again why Robert Meachem isn't playing. I mean, it would be nice if the Saints got some value from their draft class.

Brees' interceptions were both just terrible. Johnson must make those catches. Looking back, if the Saints had converted those two first-half turnovers in Houston territory (Reggie fumble, Brees pick) into points, they could have won this game.

I take back everything I said about Mario Williams, he's pretty damn good.

It would've been nice to see a few more blitzes, but it's a catch-22. I mean, nobody wants to see Jason David on an island.