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Saints 31, Pantehrs 6

Philosophical question: You're traveling from New Orleans to New York on a Sunday. You have a brief stop in Charlotte to change planes. While at the Charlotte airport, you notice that the Saints and Panthers game is, of course, televised. It's 1 p.m.

At the gate, the flight attendants mention that the airline over-sold the flight, meaning that people who wanted to trade their ticket for the later flight could do so -- and receive a free-flight voucher. The thing is, the next flight doesn't leave until 8 p.m., getting you home somewhere around 11 p.m.

Given the seven-hour layover that you would create, and the fact that you probably wouldn't use the voucher, since the only times that you can get away from work is around the holidays -- when the voucher isn't usable, here is the question:

Do you stay to watch the game?

I didn't, but I got all the recapping I needed from yesterday's comments thread.